CutBoard Studio Founders

Ever wonder how CutBoard Studio began? It’s an interesting story.

Beginning over 30 years ago…

By fortunate circumstances, the Nepean family grew up in the same neighborhood as the Asbury family.

Officially dubbing the neighborhood as the “Semro” hood.

We won’t get into the gritty details about how U-High is better than CV…it just is, scouts honor.

Fun fact: Both Aaron and Tanya have received the highest award in scouting.

But these friendly neighbors of Semro Avenue set the foundation of Aaron and Bob’s first adventure in editing.

In 2004, Bob Asbury was entering the fourth season of Columbia Country and Aaron Nepean came on part-time to assist with editing the show.

Read more about Bob & Aaron’s initial collaboration which was covered in Spokane’s Journal of Business.

As Aaron was editing together episodes for Bob’s production of Columbia Country, Tanya was up to her elbows in the world of print.

Working at PIP Printing (now Plese Printing) she was getting hands-on experience with design in a print shop environment.

Tanya was able to craft her designs from scratch. With the ability to choose paper types, and ink and then to developing the film, creating the plates and being right there as they ran on the press.

We are prepared to take your print designs from start to finish. Then take them to the next level with video.

In 2007, Tanya and Aaron crossed paths at a higher education agency in Spokane called Datamark (now Helix Education).

Within the next year, they left to become part of a select specialized team servicing two higher education school groups: Concorde Career Colleges and YTI Career Institute.

Aaron and Tanya created customized creative for 14 markets across the United States.

For 21 campuses!…that’s a lot of creative.

They continued to work in tandem as the creative team for these school groups for over seven years.

And finally, back to the punchline?

In 2014, when a producer, an editor and a designer walk into a bar… they grab a drink, a napkin and get creative.

CutBoard Studio…we are a cut above the rest.

Let our team take your creative to the next level.





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