All successful creative projects start with a purpose.
Before diving into production, we work to understand your audience and determine how we can connect with them immediately.
We do this by asking questions and listening to your answers.

When we tell your story, we get it right.

Aaron Nepean

Agency — Helix Education, FNA Datamark

At Datamark I worked with project managers, media buyers, and client relations we maintained the creative distribution for multiple school groups.

Created new TV and Radio spots, altered existing ones, and meet the collateral creative needs of the clients. I also implemented controlled market testing to track the results.

In-house — Concorde Career College

Following my experience with Datamark, I was recruited to build an in-house studio for the Concorde marketing team. The capabilities would include everything from full radio and TV production to versioning.

Here we could launch and track any number of tests. With our schools scattered across the US, no single message worked across all locations. This required localized brand messaging and respective testing.

Small Business Owner

CutBoard was founded in 2014 over sandwiches and coffee, at Spokane's Rocket Bakery. My first partner, Bob Asbury brought a lifetime of television production experience to the company, while I brought my years of marketing and love of shooting.

Since 2014, we’ve produce everything from Radio ads to documentary TV shows, and in 2015 Tanya Klumb joined us as the Creative Director and in 2019 Tom Bross joined the team to provide Marketing Strategy for our clients.

Together we have a passion for telling stories accurately and effectively with a strong focus on brand clarity.

Tanya Klumb

I fought Bears and won!

Although it’s been over 20 years, you just don’t forget a thing like that. The war was for pride and it was fought on two fronts: the basketball court and the bleachers. Sure, our team may have been picked limb from limb on the court, but winning the war was all about the bleachers. The glorious trophy was a sneaker painted in the winning school’s colors. We called it the “Stinky Sneaker”. The school that walked away with this trophy earned unfettered bragging rights for the rest of the year.

You may ask how can you win from the bleachers? Well, it wasn’t easy. You had to collaborate and present not only a united front but pick a theme and run absolutely wild with it. As seniors, we figured there had to be many different ways to eat Bear…right? Secure your utensils, don your aprons, grab your seasoning…it’s time to cook some Bear!

To this day those same themes have stuck with me. It might not be a high school basketball game, but the enjoyment of working in a team and pulling together campaigns for clients has always been just as exciting.

For the past 15 years, I have been a part of various marketing teams and working with individual clients. Because of this I have taken the best practices from both the agency side and the client side and crafted the perfect blend as the Creative Director of CutBoard Studio. Although my jobs have shown me many different perspectives, in the end, what matters most is seeing the success of the team and ultimately the success of the client we are servicing.

Sometimes we can get focused on one aspect, one story line. When in reality, the requirements to do the job effectively you must see the entire picture. It is a combination of efforts, and I am prepared for the unpredictable.

Within a creative team, it is important to be ready for that moment. You must have your tools ready to capture it.

I’ll make sure I have my spoon! Mmm, Bear soup.

Tom Bross

1968 San Francisco Hula Hoop Champion

I paired my BA Degree in Graphic Design from Chico State University with Marketing minor. I’ve worked on the creative side for small, medium and large advertising agencies in Sacramento, Oakland and San Francisco. I’ve also worked in-house for regional businesses like Kimmel Athletic and national companies like JellyBelly – where I gained a lot of experience and some weight.

CutBoard consistently produces gorgeous, response-driven content regardless of our clients’ budgets and time constraints. Tracking performance and adjusting course as necessary is perhaps the most important part of any marketing strategy. It’s extremely rewarding to hit, and more often than not, surpass our clients marketing goals.

We thrive on the success stories we create for our customers.
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