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Helping Marketing & Advertising Agencies

Reduce Risk

Helping Marketing & Advertising Agencies

Add Value

Helping Marketing & Advertising Agencies

Save Money

Do you struggle having too many projects and not enough staff?
Or, are you worried about fulfilling a new client’s needs?

Do you need a graphic designer?
Do you need a video editor?
Are you just looking for a contract employee?
Looking for part-time help?
Do you need to expand your creative department?
Is the cost of a new employee too expensive?

We’ve been in your shoes. Not only when we were working inside agencies but also as business owners. Employees can be expensive, and the amount of equipment required for creative professionals adds up. Computers, cameras, software … 401k’s and paid holidays and this doesn’t even cover their salary. We’d love to sit down and talk about what we can do for you and your agency.

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Quality Matters

…there’s no cutting corners when you’re putting your company on the line. You need to know you’re working with people that care as much about your company as you do. And absolutely, that’s what we get with Cutboard Studio.” — Kate

Kate Rogers Testimonial

The creative process

…combined exciting new ideas with our existing branded elements. We were able to achieve our retail packaging goals in a very short period of time. Working with CutBoard Studio was the right thing to do.” — Scott

Scott Jones Testimonial

Creative use of film

…captures the imagination and really tells a great story. CutBoard Studio is a fantastic group. We have certainly appreciated their efforts on behalf of the waters of the Northwest!” — Jerry

Jerry White Testimonial
We’ve won a few TELLY® awards and been nomininated for a NATAS EMMY® but those are just icing on the cake. We thrive on helping agencies look great by achieving their client’s goals.

We help marketing and advertising agencies by providing creative production services. These services save your agency money and reduce risk, and provide added value for your clients.

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Because client needs fluctuate, your choice is between not having enough creative staff or too many who will be wasting agency time on Facebook, Reddit or old Seinfield episodes.

(That’s creative, right?)

We want to make sure you’re keeping your team efficent and busy without having to worry about taking on new clients or additional projects.
Because when you keep our team of creatives on call, your agency can take over the world.
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