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If you have been watching the news feeds lately you may have noticed an interesting story about the ANA’s Media Transparency Report. For those of us that have worked in the advertising industry it comes as no surprise. To the clients that are being serviced, it is your wake-up call.

View the ANA’s Media Transparency Report Here

To sum it up, some agencies have been making bank on the clients lack of knowledge of media buying. Its been like King Kong going on a rampage through the digital media, and taking traditional media for a ride like Anne Darrow, it’s life long love.

If you’re currently utilizing an advertising agency for your media buying and creative, take a moment and make sure you are asking the right questions.

  • Who is the companies CEO, what is their background?
  • Is the company responsible to shareholders or holding companies?
  • Could they be masters of financial manipulation?

Does your agency throw around words like rebates or bonuses? Stop, and take a closer look at exactly what you are receiving. Could it be possible they are either selling your bonus time to another client? Or, are they selling you bonus they already have received? In the end, make sure they are passing on the discounts they receive from the media companies to you. And watchout for the kick-backs and bribes which keep this corrupt system in place.

Media management mark-up is typical, but make sure you know exactly what it is. The ANA’s report says it could be marked-up as much as 90%! Don’t let King Kong take you on this ride.

Let this report give you the opportunity to question your advertising. Don’t just stick your head in the sand and pretend that the agency is working on your behalf. It’s the advertising agencies job to make money, so that means to take yours, even if it has little or no return on your investment.

As the artists and designers of the creative, we get a little excited when official news breaks which shows the corruption levels within the advertising agencies. It’s telling us that even though King Kong resurfaced, Godzilla could still be alive.

To start we recommend taking a look at the agency’s staffing levels, how many planners, strategists, buyers and account executives do they have? Designers, illustrators, developers, copywriters and production artists? If the first list outweighs the second, your creative will be the one to suffer.

Make sure your agency is focusing on what matters the most, the creative. It’s what your brand is. And as creatives we can sell it.

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