DJI Osmo in action.

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Technology is always changing and adapting and so is CutBoard Studio.

Imagine a big production studio coming in with their expensive equipment, lights, rails and specialized steadicam gear. We’ve seen it and we’ve been part them. Expensive video productions. Ugh.

But what if we told you not all production studios are the same. They can be more personable, more reachable and your video can be achieved for far far less.

We’ve been honing our drone flying capabilities for the past two years and it has allowed us to experience some new technology. The technology that DJI has built into their drones has allowed us to get shots that would require expensive cranes or even renting a helicopter to get.

Guess what.

Now we can get those shots for far less than you can imagine.

Gone are days of binding constraints. We can create the perfect shot. This new technology lets us take our production studio and your video to the next level.

The gimbal technology that DJI has developed allows for a smooth running wide angle shot. We can catch vast landscapes, panorama views and even the simple shots of the front of businesses for commercials.

Now with a drone you might find that you are somewhat limited. It is great outside but working inside leaves a little to be desired. And sometimes you want to grab a great interview.

In comes the newest addition to our equipment line-up: DJI Osmo

The Osmo is great!

Typically, a day of hand-held stabilized shooting has required a complicated and heavy setup. It would require a bulky vest with a large heavy arm that you can attach a camera stabilizer which has a built in gimbal...all this stuff to get the right shot.

Heavy, awkward and a ton of calibration.

Because of this it eats into your production hours and ultimately costs more. And all of it happens before the filming even begins.

The Osmo has adopted the gimbal technology that allows for perfectly stabilized footage right in the palm of your hand. When filming out in the field it requires far less equipment and we can pull it out and be ready to shoot.

Saving you money.

Because of the 4k technology developed within the Osmo it provides us the ability to further edit in post production. This is handy when you just want to zoom in a little extra and re-frame the shot.

Sometimes you just need a little extra flexibility when shooting.

Check out some more videos that we have taken both with our Drone and our Osmo.

Take the next step and upgrade your videos.

Find out how to produce your video for less.





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