Graphic Design Definition
Graphic Design Definition
Graphic Design Definition
Graphic Design Definition
Graphic Design Definition

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Describing graphic design to someone that doesn’t know is difficult. It’s a part of your day-to-day life, you see it driving down the road, visiting the supermarket and even just surfing the web. It is everywhere...that makes it hard to stand out to the average consumer. But it’s a guarantee that when it's done poorly it is mocked by the professionals. Google “crappy design” and you will find many sites mocking poor design. The best graphic design feels right and can even make the final sale. It is your companies ultimate salesman, making your company more money.

But what out there is not the best. It’s so bad it costs you the sale.

And yes, any graphic design can get you by. Order up those Vista Print business cards, hey they’re cheap! Use that Microsoft Publisher template for your newsletter. Your niece is great taking her selfies…maybe she can take some photo’s for your business?

Sadly, this is done far to often.

A graphic designer comes across more bad design than you would think. While networking there are so many templated business cards are handed out. Everyone thinks they can be creative because they can go online and type their name in the box.

You could be a great plumber. But, I think I’ll stick to having a hairstylist cut my hair. That’s why you hire a professional. Because you want the best, no leaky pipes and no green hair.

The best graphic design is one that stands out, represents you and ultimately sells your business. If you cheap out on your design, what does that tell people about your business? They might start questioning where else might you be cutting corners?

You might think now, “Okay, I need some new business cards.” That may be a good start. But, don’t just stop there. Graphic design is crafted into every faucet of your business: website, photos, social media, your office signage and even forms that are filled out.

Graphic design is a part of every successful business.

The best graphic designer, starts with research…and lots of it. First, they start by pouring through your business with a fine tooth comb. Then they dive into your competition by going undercover. And finally, they find that special thing or idea that makes your company the best. It’s a specialty craft, that when done right, will ultimately grow your business.

At CutBoard Studio we are the experts in graphic design. We’ll work on your logo. But, please don’t ask us to fix your dishwasher.

Partner with a team that can take you step-by-step throughout the creative process.





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