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Hard. Difficult. Challenging. Rewarding.

These are the words that embody what it feels like working on our documentary project Way of the Columbia. Just a reminder: this is no Z Nation. We aren’t bringing in actors, we don’t have million dollar budgets, we’re not L.A. We are a production studio located in Spokane…and we love it.

Spokane is the perfect center for everything in the Northwest. Nestled up against the Rocky Mountains with easy access to the Pacific Ocean and everything that you want in-between. It is what we love. As they say in Spokane “Near Nature, Near Perfect,” and we have to agree to that.

Way of the Columbia is giving us a chance to showcase the efforts, the people, the rivers that make the Northwest great.

Every production studio has a passion project. Ours involves the great Columbia River and all it’s mighty tributaries. It’s fun working with local businesses on commercials and photoshoots, it is always great to see the local economy succeed. But sometimes you just have to strap the tripod to your back and hit the trails.

Doing this feeds our souls.

For the past eight months we have been out working with multiple state and federal agencies, filming and interviewing them on their projects to rehabilitate and repopulate salmon and other anadromous species in the Columbia Basin. Developing proprietary filming techniques that help us acquire amazing underwater footage of these native species.

But, it’s giving back to the community is what has given us so much pride.

If you have been following our Facebook, Instagram and the occasional Tweet you have seen some great video clips and images that we have acquired across the Pacific Northwest. We have been out filming, in the studio editing and securing some great sponsors.

As we gear up this spring to finish up shooting the second half of season one, we are still looking for other businesses to help support the cause. It is a great opportunity to attach your business with a local project being created for the PBS stations in Northwest by a company in the Northwest.

By sponsoring Way of the Columbia it allows us to create new content that we essentially gift to the local PBS stations. In return, PBS allows us to mention the sponsors of the program and this message provides you with an unrivaled reach to an influential, well-positioned and highly-educated audience. Allowing your company to share in the success of public broadcasting in a commercial-free environment where your message will be clearly seen.

No need to pay for commercials. Your sponsorship is tied to the project no matter how many times it runs.

It’s there for life.

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