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Don’t you ever wonder where people get their creativity from? We all remember how we used our imagination as a child. A used box could be anything. A spaceship taking you to Mars or the fastest race car. The couch cushions became a great castle or rocks which protect you from lava. Now imagine getting to do that everyday and you have the support of your family. It becomes amazing what you can do.

CutBoard Studio’s founder Aaron Nepean has just that. The ability to take the simple and make it extraordinary.

It’s like art runs through his veins.

Recently, I found out how much that statement is true. You see…Aaron’s grandpa Donald Nepean started the commercial art and illustration course at the Spokane Technical and Vocational school in 1960. We now call it SCC or Spokane Community College. Donald was the advertising illustrator, designer and instructor of the course. He was highly involved with the advertising agency scene in Spokane back then. Because of this, his teaching was all molded after the studio-type environment. At the time he said “Lectures will cover production of art work, printing processes, client and artist relations, billing procedures of the artists and allied media. The student will be given an overview of the advertising field and the artist’s position in it.”

These skills…the creativity…being passed down…and you cherish it like your favorite book.

Aaron and the CutBoard Studio team are adapting all things creative in a historical office that overlooks the Spokane River. Don’t worry we won’t be using the vintage camera’s passed down from Donald for your commercials or videos. Technology has come a long ways since 1960. But we’ll pull out our telephoto lens so you can see SCC from our office window.

As you can see you don’t have to look very far for talent. The secret lies right here in Spokane, as they say…Near Nature, Near Perfect. The CutBoard Studio team is proud to be Spokane natives, we know our city. We aren’t transplants from California or Seattle, Spokane is our home. Our office is located northeast of downtown core just off Hamilton and Illinois.

And don’t worry we’ll put the cushions back on the couch for you.

Partner with a team that has it’s roots in Spokane.





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