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After researching on how to grow your business you might feel frustrated. There are so many choices. Social media, PPC, SEO, print, radio and TV. Reading everything from “print is dead,” “PPC doesn’t convert,” “TV is too expensive.” But what if you could get TV cheaper? Broadcast TV is a great way to get your business noticed. It still reaches more consumers than digital media.

So, you sit down you turn on the local evening news to check what has been’s an easy way to keep abreast of what is going on and check out the competition.

You see commercials every night...bad locally produced commercials. No way are you going to spend the money on that! They are corny, unprofessional and you can tell that their employees detest being on camera.

Did you know? Most of these commercials are produced directly with the TV station. They claim to be your one-stop-we-do-it-all-shop. You commit to a buy and they produce the commercial at a “reduced” cost. Well, that lower cost turns into a crappy commercial. And good luck trying to get a copy to test another station.

So what do you do? Look at hiring an ad agency? You’ve seen AMC’s Mad Men...prepare for endless meetings, pitches and spending a ton of money. And it’s a guarantee that after you sign, they will win a pitch to McDonalds. Good luck getting anyone to call you back.

Broadcast TV can be expensive and finding the right balance is key. CutBoard Studio works with you to produce a great commercial and get it on the station that best represents your demographic. Oh, and don’t worry we don’t have any board rooms, account managers or even a CEO to report too. You come in and speak directly to us the “creatives”.

CutBoard Studio is an experienced production studio located in Spokane, Washington. We start working with you immediately. It won’t take months. You may come with an idea, we develop the script and storyboard. After that it’s all about finding the talent, the location and then start the filming. Because we are efficient with the planning process we hit the editing room sooner and have it turned around fast!

Before you know it, you’re sitting down and there’s your commercial. Pride. It’s the one word that describes what you feel at that exact moment.

You take pride in everything you do, now take pride in your advertising. Contact us and request a quote on your commercial. Find the pride in your advertising while you are spending less and making more.

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