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Take a indepth look at some of our current video production and graphic design projects.
This blog gives us the opportunity to share some of the creative ideas, tips, and tricks which pass through our imagination.

Category:Graphic Design

Design is a very intimate process. We collaborate with our clients and many projects turn into long-term professional connections…even friendships. Or in my case a marriage. Everything I do in my client-designer foundation is based upon meaningful communication. And there is a reason that successful design practices haven’t changed a great deal with these disruptors. Automation can’t truly threaten an industry that requires a human element.

What you get by working with a graphic designer in Spokane, and why a designer is better than Fiverr.

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Category:Video Production

COVID-19 has thrown a wrench in most of our lives. At CutBoard Studio we hope everyone our clients, friends, and family are safe and healthy. Like many other businesses in Spokane we are exercising careful distancing to ensure that health and safety are our top priorities. Although it may seem like collaboration is out of reach, the exact opposite is true. Thanks to the zoom, facetime, and the internet, all the goals we were pursuing before the pandemic set in are still possible. We are optimistic that video keeps everyone together and we will keep working hard for you.

What CutBoard Studio is doing to help reduce the spread and keep you safe when production resumes.

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This is one question we get often; “Do you shoot in 4k?” often paired with “What camera do you use?”

Just like in neighborhoods, production companies are always trying to “keep up with the Jones’s, or Spielberg’s”. Camera equipment can get very spendy. Some production studios even list their “gear” on their website.

Now unless you are looking to produce feature films, that gross 100,000’s or Millions of dollars spending $60,000+ on a camera body and near the same price per lens it is a little overboard.

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COVID-19 Masks

Category:Video Production

It’s clear by now that COVID-19 is having a significant impact in Spokane and other communities across the globe.

One thing we know for sure is that all businesses large and small are having to pivot their marketing strategies and unfortunately adjusting to realities like canceled events, smaller budgets and the inability to collaborate in person for the foreseeable future.

This won’t be a one-stop-shop to fix all these problems but salvaging the parts that are worth the investment.

Want to work video into your Plan? We are available.

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Category:Video Production

The video production process can be lengthy but if you are interested in creating videos for your company, start by asking yourself these two questions:

  • What do you hope to accomplish with your advertising/marketing?
  • What makes your business stand out from the rest of your competition?

Your videos are an important investment in your brand’s future. Remember you get only one chance to make a first impression.

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Category:Video Production

As a small business owner, you’re probably aware that your customers prefer video over all other content. You know video can help improve SEO, capture leads, engage your customers and convert sales. But video can be expensive, so you want to keep costs as low as possible. In today’s world of short attention spans and fast burn rates, it’s better to produce a series of short videos rather than one long one.

Here’s a list of the five most important videos every small business should have and why.

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Category:Print Advertising

Is print advertising dead?

When you take a closer look, print is all around. Find out more about why you may want to keep print media as part of your marketing strategy.

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Category:Direct Response Marketing

What’s the difference between advertising & marketing?

Advertising and marketing are two terms that are often lumped together creating confusion as to what either one actually means. They are not the same. You also often hear the term sales and marketing, which blurs the definition of both even more. At Cutboard we define these three terms as follows…

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Category:Direct Response Marketing

“Quality Matters. There’s no cutting corners when you’re putting your company on the line. You need to know you’re working with people that care as much about your company as you do and absolutely that’s what we get with CutBoard.” — Kate Rogers, Education Evolve

For Education Evolve, the videos we make are direct response television commercials used to promote their various school groups. They are remarkably different than what we would make for a standard brand video.

Find out how you can use direct response in your marketing.

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Category:Audio Production

Audio is one of those things that gets overlooked all the time. It’s also one of the most common reasons you stop watching a video. When I personally run across this my thinking is either I don’t trust this person because they can’t even get audio right, or they didn’t care how it sounded, So, why should I listen?

Acceptable audio is the goal.

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Category:Graphic Design

At CutBoard, we like to be open, honest, and frank. While our goal is to create content for clients, we also like to teach. Client or not, you should walk away having learned something new you can use. That being said, welcome to “Let’s get candid with color”. 

Have you heard 2020’s color of the year is Classic Blue?

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Category:Video Production

The playing field is continually changing. If you think that you can establish dominance in the market just by consistently posting video content—think again. The solution? First, figure out what your niche is—then create video content that sets you apart from the rest.

As more content continues to swamp the market, unique content directed for your demo is the only way to separate your brand from the pack. Companies that elevate their content and provide expert information will be the one’s converting a skeptical audience.

Continue reading about the pitfalls to avoid when creating video …

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Category:Video Production

While CutBoard Studio works with ad agencies and clients from all over the United States, we’ve also helped our share of neighbors right here in Spokane.

We love working with local businesses because we have an intimate understanding of the market including the intricacies that make Spokane unique. For example, despite being 20 minutes apart, many South Hill people are reluctant to visit the Northside or the Valley retailers and service providers. The same can be said for the Northsiders and Spokane Valley folks who tend to ‘cocoon’ themselves into their local neighborhoods. One thing we all agree on is our distain - both the lack of and price of - downtown parking.

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One yellow egg

Category:Video Production

Let’s face it. Marketing is not an exact science. Reaching your audience in the most cost-efficient way requires testing, practice and patience. The world is fluid. The people who were here last month have migrated somewhere else. No need to panic. With the right strategic media plan, you can test various channels to determine which one works the best for you. And, by optimizing your plan regularly, you can stay in front of your audience and build your brand.

Here’s what the stations don’t want you to find out. #1 a free TV commercial really doesn’t exist … learn how the local stations pull a bait and switch on businesses like yours.

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Category:Video Production

You know, and we know that social media has become one of the cheapest and best forms of word-of-mouth marketing today.

Staying active on social media and running a business can take tons of hours. Where are you going to find the time?

Video. One video to be exact.

You can create loads of content from just one video.

Where to Start?

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Category:Video Production

I know, video IS scary. There are lots of things to think about; scripts, cameras, lighting, and software. It can be overwhelming.

Then you start researching how to create a video yourself. Have you noticed that there are so many different apps or software to create videos? Which one do you try? Do you buy the app to remove the watermark? The options are endless.

It’s a good thing CutBoard has Aaron. He’s like the little brother I never had. Oh, wait … I forgot I have two of them. Moving on.

Most businesses don’t have an extra brother, let alone a skilled cameraman and editor. Sure glad we do!

But the most important question is, where do you start?

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Video on Mobile

Category:Video Production

Yes, the stats are impressive and there’s no denying that video marketing will continue to grow by leaps and bounds. We’ll get to the numbers in a moment… but have you ever wondered why video is so effective? In essence, video combines two things that capture our attention like nothing else: motion and sound.

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Video Transfers
Video Transfers
Video Transfers
Video Transfers
Video Transfers
Video Transfers
Video Transfers

Category:Digital Transfer

I have a problem. I’m a junkie. A photographic junkie that is. I take too many pictures. I have so many photo albums now that I’ve run out of space to display them. I don’t exactly when the problem began. As a kid, I could care less about documenting and preserving our family history. But as an adult, I’ve come to realize that this collection of pictures, movies, photo albums and old black and whites is worth the world to me.

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Category:Video Production, Promotion

Have you ever thought how easier it would be if you didn’t have to scour the internet for free stock videos or images?

Imagine having an entire folder full of videos, photos, and graphics which are personalized for you and your business.

That’s what we do at CutBoard Studio.

Find Out How
What is Video Production?

Category:Video Production

Our Golden Reel-Rule.

We work with business owners, agencies, and marketing professionals who are ready for real change. Are you ready to strategically use video to transform you, your business and your life? Take a moment to imagine if there was one video that you could create which would drive new customers into your business … all day … every day … would you do it?

Yes? Then it’s time to invest in video production. We’d like to take a moment to walk you through our video production process. If video seems scary now, after working with us, you'll be crushing it.

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Creative Champions of your Business

Category:Customer Service

You are the Hero of your Business

And CutBoard Studio can be your Champion.

When you are a service based business, sometimes you like to think of yourself as a hero. You and your company provide a service that saves the day, right?

The one thing we always want to stress to our clients is you. Yes, you are the Hero of your story. We are not the hero. We are your champion.

We love being your champion. And let’s geek out about it.

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Real Estate; Drone Photography

Category:Real Estate Photography

You might be thinking that as a real estate agent that you can easily take your own property listing photos. Hey, cell phone camera’s have gotten really good, right? And it’s hard to part with money, especially when you don’t see any until after the sale of the home.

The images taken of the property can make all the difference between having a successful listing or one that struggles to attract interest. And more often than not, professional photography will bring in a higher offer. Who wouldn’t like that?

Sometimes you might be wondering, does a professional real estate photographer take better pictures? Yes, we do.

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Growing Business with Video

Category: Video Production

Haven’t you heard, it’s spring. It might not feel that way with the weather in Spokane. As always we have seen every weather pattern imaginable including the sun in one day.

We do have one thing for ourselves here in the lilac city … things are starting to grow. More importantly, the items we planted in the fall are beginning to let us know they survived the winter and they will be ready to do their job.

Video for your business is like the bulbs you planted last fall.

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Video for Businesses

Category: Brand & Creative Media Strategy

Purple Horseshoes.

They weren’t always part of the mix in Lucky Charms. When I was five, they added in this novel marshmallow.

It is astonishing to see how brands evolve over the years, how somethings come, go and get replaced. In my research, I learned that the only two marshmallows left from 1983 are the purple horseshoe and the pink heart …

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Business Cards

Category: Business Cards


I started off the month of February pondering what it takes to make a good impression.

“You only have one chance to make a first impression.” … boy does this hold true.

By working with a graphic designer and a printer, you can craft an individual brand building upon your first impression. Take control of that 3-inch by 2-inch rectangle. Make it your own.

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Video Business Cards

Category: Video Business Cards

Video Business Cardsare a video typically ninety seconds to three minutes long. And when done right they are perfect for your website, and social media.

If you are looking to build trust between you and your clients, Video Business Cards are exactly what you need to develop. Long gone are the days of being a faceless business. You are your business’s biggest asset, the human connection … and that is why someone will hire you.

First impressions matter.

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Marketing Strategy & Planning

Category: Marketing

Have you made a resolution?

It’s a month into 2018, have you broken one?

Why not try working with a business resolution … and it’s never too late to start one.

And remember: “To be the best you have to work with the best”. When you’re a business owner, you hire the best.

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How to Develop a Video Production Strategy

Category: Video Marketing

There is usually only one thing that keeps company’s or businesses from creating videos. The first thing off the top of your head might be budget. Budget can be a factor. Although it’s typically the lack of a video strategy that holds up a business from creating videos.

Are you overwhelmed? Don’t know where to start? Then I recommend that you keep reading. I’ll discuss the optimum video strategy.

If video marketing isn’t a part of your content marketing strategy today, it soon will be if you want to remain competitive.

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How to create the perfect script.

Category: Scriptwriting

Start the new year off with us. Learn about the most important part of every video production project.


Voiceover, music, visuals, graphics—these aspects of production help magnify your story. But to begin, your story needs to be put on paper first.

Scriptwriting is the most important aspect of creating a video or commercial. So we take on a great deal of responsibility when crafting our clients’ messages.

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2018 Product Services Catalog

Category: Interactive PDFs

Print it or keep it digital, you can get more value out of your brochure or catalog by designing it with interactivity.

My background of graphic design has always been one of a motionless product. Wait a second … I said motionless not, emotionless.

Have you ever smelled junk mail? I do.

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6 must ask questions

Category: Tips & Tricks

We sat down with a client this week. Multiple companies and people have taken advantage of them. Sadly we hear this more often than not. They are kind, sweet and want to make sure that their family business will be there for the next generation. Plus, they employ a great number of people in Spokane. But their business isn’t marketing or creative production. So, they aren’t sure what to ask.

In honor of this client, we want to be transparent. We want to make sure that you find the right creative studio.

Learn what 6 questions you must any creative studio or agency.

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Filming a Live Event or Presentation

Category: Presentation Videos

Your first question might be “How much does it cost to film a live presentation?”

Then we are going to follow-up with, “What is the presentation going to be used for?”

CutBoard Studio offers three different live event and presentation filming packages.

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Facebook Cover Videos

Category: Facebook Cover Videos

Did you know that Facebook has been launching cover videos across Facebook this year? Videos immediately grab peoples attention. Just like on your Facebook news feed, a cover video will autoplay. This may help keep visitors on your page and stimulate more engagement.

Learn how you can incorporate a cover video on your business’s Facebook feed.

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Kickstarter Videos

Category: Kickstarter Videos

While we understand that making a video can be intimidating and as an engineer, product designer, or inventor you may feel uncomfortable being in front of the camera. But you’re looking to make a video because you want to make your Kickstarter campaign a success.

Read more about how to create a successful kickstarter video and why you should use CutBoard Studio.

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Digital Hoarding

Category: Customer Service, Client Relations, File Handling

“Compulsive hoarding is a pattern of behavior that is characterized by excessive acquisition and an inability or unwillingness to discard large quantities of objects that cover the living areas of the home and cause significant distress or impairment.”

Read more to learn how many files we have hoarded.

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Category: Testimonial Video, Promotional Video, Real Estate Video

Video testimonials capture something that written testimonial cannot. The human ability to communicate nonverbally. And that’s a powerful tool.

Find out what to do when you have a great client who has a glowing recommendation?

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Aaron filming at a 27th Heaven in Spokane, WA.

Category: Video Production, Content Creation, Web Videos

There are so many things fighting for your attention. How are you keeping up with trends? Tracking analytics? Creating reports? Reaching consumers? Sending marketing emails? It’s a lot — take a deep breath. CutBoard has your back.

Do you find yourself dreading your content calendar? Building a relationship with a creative content agency like CutBoard Studio you’ll get the jumpstart you need to get back on track.

Read more on how partnering with a creative content agency can help.

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Editing a Video

Category: Video Production, TV Commercial, Web Videos

Video editing can be an overwhelming task. Why not hire someone who can give time back to you? This way you can focus on other parts of your business. Hiring CutBoard Studio will be the best decision you make. We take the time to meet with you and create a showpiece for your business or for your daily needs.

Find out what makes CutBoard Studio video production the best in Spokane?

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Category: Copyright, Fair Use, Royalty-Free

You’re driving down the road, going a little fast. But who’s going to notice … if you’re lucky, no one. But if you’re driving that bright yellow Maserati — be prepared to be pulled over. You might be able to afford that speeding ticket you received but Mr. Copyright can decimate your business.

Learn the myths about copyright and how to create content that doesn’t break the rules.

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Flyer Sample

Category: Graphic Design, Tips & Tricks

Flyers? You might think those a little old school. These marketing materials are great utility items — and with some style — your business has a hook. Flyers can be a great way to mass distribute specific or time-sensitive information. Don’t forget about your business’s brand. All the principles of design still apply. Take this opportunity to stand out.

Remember to keep these 6 design principles in mind.

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Filming the sunrise in Spokane

Category: Video Production, How-to

Are you ready to pivot into video marketing? If you haven’t already looked into this, 2017 may be the year to start. Videos in your marketing drives higher engagement of your companies brand. What marketing videos are you going to start making this year? Are you ready?

These 4 questions are a must answer for any business owner or marketing specialist.

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The Lion King’s Motto.

Category: Customer Service, History, About Us

Who is CutBoard Studio?

Sometimes you need to step back and re-examine where you are, where you seem to be going, and why it all matters? Why are we doing this? What do we gain by watching The Lion King one more time? The dumb joke at the beginning, of course!

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Graphic Design Cost in Spokane, WA.

Category: Graphic Design, Production

Graphic design is the combination of text and pictures that can be put into advertisements, books, magazines, websites, and much more.

According to Thumbtack® (an online service that matches customers with local professionals), Spokane’s average cost for graphic design is $135. Find out how much CutBoard Studio’s graphic design rates are by reading more.

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How long should your social media videos be?

Category: Video Production, Social Media, Engagement

How long should your videos be?

That is a good question. Running a successful business, you need to take this into consideration before pricing out video services. Typically the longer the video, the more it can cost.

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2017 Telly Awards

Category: Video Production, Award-Winning, Customer Service

We think the best approach is to look at “award-winning” as the beginning of our conversation. It gives you an opening to light your fire. But most of all it will help you decide if our production company is a good fit for your needs.

Most clients don’t care about awards. What is important is finding out about the actual success of our work.

And as the owners of a production studio, there is only one thing that counts. Your satisfaction.

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Visit Spokane: Creative by Nature

Category: Branding

So if you haven’t heard the City of Spokane outsourced its new branding and creative to an agency in Seattle.

Seattle … yep, you heard that right … Seattle … you have to give me a moment.

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What is the definition of photoshop.

Category: Tools of the Trade

Photoshop is an amazingly powerful tool. It can create art, promote fabrications and even change the world.

Are you ready to change the world?

We are!

Okay, not in the way that claims falsehoods, we don’t do “alternative-facts” and we think magazine covers have taken the “touch-up” too far. A blemish here and there, sure. An entire leg or arm missing half of its weight ... not so much.

We create art, not false promises.

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Video Killed the Radio Star

Category: Radio Advertising & TV Advertising

Video killed the radio star

In my mind and in my car, we can’t rewind we’ve gone too far

Pictures came and broke your heart

Put down the blame on VCR

–The Buggles

What would you say if your year-over-year sales increased by 22% by using TV & radio advertising? A good start, right?

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The CutBoard Studio Team

Category: History of CutBoard Studio

A producer, editor, and designer walk into a bar…

Ever wonder how CutBoard Studio began? It’s an interesting story.

Beginning over 30 years ago…

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Category: Video Production | TV Commercials

The success of your commercial depends on multiple factors: the content of your commercial, the quality of production, and how you distribute it.

Because of these factors our production studio works with you to stay within your budget. Send us an email, give us a call we would love to work with you.

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Category: Real Estate Video Production & Graphic Design Services

92% of buyers begin their home searches online according to

So it is key that your Real Estate listings are part of this virtual world. Images and videos are the single most important factor for selling homes. Studies have found that good Real Estate Photography helps sell homes faster and for far more money. Effectively done, photography gets the potential buyer through the door.

First impression is essential.

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King Kong

By Source (WP:NFCC#4), Fair use,

Category: Creative Design

Where ideas come first and money comes second.

If you have been watching the news feeds lately you may have noticed an interesting story about the ANA’s Media Transparency Report. For those of us that have worked in the advertising industry it comes as no surprise. To the clients that are being serviced, it is your wake-up call.

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DJI Osmo in action.

Category: Video Production

Technology is always changing and adapting and so is CutBoard Studio.

Imagine a big production studio coming in with their expensive equipment, lights, rails and specialized steadicam gear. We’ve seen it and we’ve been part them. Expensive video productions. Ugh.

But what if we told you not all production studios are the same. They can be more personable, more reachable and your video can be achieved for far far less...

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Category: Video Production

Hard. Difficult. Challenging. Rewarding.

These are the words that embody what it feels like working on our documentary project Way of the Columbia. Just a reminder: this is no Z Nation. We aren’t bringing in actors, we don’t have million dollar budgets, we’re not L.A. We are a production studio located in Spokane…and we love it.

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Graphic Design Definition
Graphic Design Definition
Graphic Design Definition
Graphic Design Definition
Graphic Design Definition

Category: Graphic Design

Describing graphic design to someone that doesn’t know is difficult. It’s a part of your day-to-day life, you see it driving down the road, visiting the supermarket and even just surfing the web. It is everywhere...that makes it hard to stand out to the average consumer. But it’s a guarantee that when it's done poorly it is mocked by the professionals. Google “crappy design” and you will find many sites mocking poor design. The best graphic design feels right and can even make the final sale. It is your companies ultimate salesman, making your company more money...

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Image of Spokane's Donald Nepean.

Category: Spokane History

Don’t you ever wonder where people get their creativity from? We all remember how we used our imagination as a child. A used box could be anything. A spaceship taking you to Mars or the fastest race car. The couch cushions became a great castle or rocks which protect you from lava. Now imagine getting to do that everyday...

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Image of on-location filming.

Category: Video Production

After researching on how to grow your business you might feel frustrated. There are so many choices. Social media, PPC, SEO, print, radio and TV. Reading everything from “print is dead,” “PPC doesn’t convert,” “TV is too expensive.” But what if you could get TV cheaper? Broadcast TV is a great way to get your business noticed. It still reaches more consumers...

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Category: Video Production

Here are a few of our favorite shots from this summer and fall.

Our production team was out on location filming across the Columbia basin this summer and fall. Spending time filming at Redfish Lake near Stanley, Idaho; Pack River in Pend Oreille; Kootenai River; and at Handford Reach along the Columbia River.

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Label design
Packaging design
Packaging design
Packaging design
Packaging design

Category: Graphic Design

Sometimes understanding graphic design is just taking a closer look around you.

Package design is one way to see graphic design in action. We created and updated product packaging for Fat Daddio's® to better match the brand identity.

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Category: Video Production

Here are a few clips from our production projects.

Our production team was out on location filming across the Northwest, on location in Texas, and California this winter and spring.

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Business card graphic design

Category: Graphic Design

Created a new custom logo, business cards, letterhead and miscellaneous reminder cards for the Student Loan Support Center division of Concorde Career Colleges.

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