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No, Bridget Jones, blogs are not a diary. If you are a small businees, or a multinational company, blogging is an integral part of your online content marketing strategy.

What is a blog?

Some people have started a business over just their blog. Check out Spokane’s The Budget Mom. But more often that not you offer a service and a blog is a section of your website which can help position you as an expert in your industry.

Why is a blog important?

A Blog can drive traffic to your website, increases your SEO ranking, and positions you as the industry’s expert. And when you are the expert, people come to you for answers to solve their problems. And Blogging regularly about your business, industry, product or customer lifestyle will ultimately increase your search rankings.

Blogs are the foundation of your Social Media.

Blogs make great evergreen content not only for your website but for your social media as well. It is a great opportunity to post an image with a link back to your website’s blog article to keep your followers engaged.

Copywriting & Blogging

Our blog is a good example of the different things a business can blog about. Sometimes a little silly, other times we are very informative.

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