Creative Champions can help you with Video Production and Graphic Design

by Tanya Klumb

You are the Hero of your Business

And CutBoard Studio can be your Champion.

When you are a service based business, sometimes you like to think of yourself as a hero. You and your company provide a service that saves the day, right?

The one thing we always want to stress to our clients is you. Yes, you are the Hero of your story. We are not the hero. We are your champion.

We love being your champion. And let’s geek out about it.

Allow us to talk about a few champions throughout film and television. Champions can take many different roles including the teacher, the techie, the sidekick, and the sacrificer.

Let’s begin the journey.

In 1977, a little over one year before I was born … and my parents first date, we meet this champion. He was small, green, and full of wisdom.

Yoda Quote

If you remember Yoda had a lot to pass on to Luke Skywalker. At Cutboard we look to Yoda to make sure that we are always trying to teach our clients on how to do things better, faster, and on budget. And we love working with clients who embrace new ideas. We grab ahold of this moment to become the “teacher” champion.

Continuing this journey, we find a unique champion.

This champion is pushing the boundaries and learning more every day. New skills, software, and data research of trends. One that takes a close look at your competitors … or do we dare say it … enemies. Kind of like a famous techie that has been helping a 007 for quite some time.

James Bond Q Quote

Q is always looking out for Bond. By developing unique items and technology, somehow with out really being there he is there to help Bond out of many different pickles.

The teacher, the techie … but what about the most traditional champion of all?

The sidekick. Remember to let the funny banter flow.

Yep, we are the Robin to your Batman. Sometimes we may have a few disagreements as we battle our own inner monologues. But in the end, we do what is best for one another.

Robin Quote

Trust is a big thing about a sidekick champion. At times you will get all into the moody Batman phase and claim your rules are set in stone. But as your sidekick, we will be there and poke an prod you to think outside of your world.

And at the end of this journey, is the champion who puts themselves upon the burning coals.

The sacrificer. In the world of Game of Thrones, “When you play a game of thrones, you win, or you die.” Within this fantasy realm, the champion is one who fights on behalf of a party in a trial by combat. And it is typically to the death.

Champion Quote

Running your business isn’t like choosing between life and death. But, if you don’t choose right, your business could suffer considerably. So, you need to pick your champion carefully. And with CutBoard we will sacrifice ourselves to do everything to make sure you are the hero.

We want to do what is best for you and us. Kind of like a specific character from Dorne … or maybe the Mountain? Now that I’m thinking about this comparison, it might not be a good thing. Because you either win or you die?

Okay, I’m flirting a little too close to death to be comfortable any longer. Time to close the book/movie/tv show on this analogy.

Every day you wake up and are the center of your story, you are the hero … but remember every hero needs help once in awhile. This is where CutBoard comes in.

We can fill your role of champion, sidekick, techie, and yes even a teacher.

Grow your business today.

Yes, I’m ready to work with a creative champion!





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