Corporate Video Production

CutBoard Studio’s creative team is here to help your corporate business videos become a cut above the rest. Utilizing our video production techniques our video production team produces powerful content for all types of corporate enterprises.

Why work with CutBoard Studio?

You will find a collaborative environment while working with us. Our production and editing process is smooth and efficient. So you will get exactly what you envision for your project.
We provide video production management through all stages, including creative development, message, design, scripting, storyboarding, filming, editing, and distribution.

What kind of Corporate Videos?

Brand Videos, Case Study Videos, Marketing Videos, CEO Profiles, Staff Training Videos, Explainer Videos, Pitch Videos, Recruitment Videos, Employee Profiles, and Testimonial Videos.

Gravity Jack: PoindextAR Video Project

Gravity Jack was in a pickle, they had received a video from a production company that was described to us as “less than stellar” and the timetable was tight. They needed it to be finished in the next week to accompany a press release.

Brand Videos

The heartbeat of your business resides in the culture and voice of your company. Do your brand videos accurately convey that to your clients and customers? Our corporate video production team loves to help businesses express their brand voice and vision to their customers.

Marketing Videos

Our experience in marketing and distribution of our corporate video production projects gives us an edge over our competitors. We don’t just produce your film – we connect you with those that know how to implement it and market it creating a powerful ROI for your brand.

Case Study Video

A high-quality case study video that highlights the success you brought to your client is a helpful asset. By showcasing the mutual success of your partnership on film, potential customers get to see what kind of service and success they could have if they choose work with you.

Staff Training Videos

Have a new product, new systems, new technology? Why not create a video to help with training? CutBoard Studio excels at producing training videos that are fun and informative.

CEO Profile Videos

Because the video production team at CutBoard cut its teeth in the corporate world we have years of experience coaching and directing executives on camera. We make the process easy and we promise they’ll look great.

Employee Profile Videos

We love helping corporations create videos to highlight stellar staff or introducing new employees. It gives your company a fun and personal way to emphasize your brand’s values and what you love about your staff.

Instructional Videos

Sometimes it best to create an instructional video for your clients and customers. Creating an easy-to-understand video will improve your customers use and help them further enjoy your business offers … you might even sell more.

Recruitment Videos

By capturing the essence and voice of your company with a recruitment video you can easily highlight your company values. In turn you will find new recruits that fit into your company’s culture.

Pitch Videos

Is your company looking to launch a new product? Present to a client or investor? It all relies on the pitch. By investing in a video to help pitch your idea it can improve your chance of success. You will appear confident, comfortable and convincing.

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