by Tanya Klumb

What CutBoard Studio is doing to help reduce the spread and keep you safe when production resumes.


COVID-19 has thrown a wrench in most of our lives. At CutBoard Studio we hope everyone our clients, friends, and family are safe and healthy. Like many other businesses in Spokane we are exercising careful distancing to ensure that health and safety are our top priorities. Although it may seem like collaboration is out of reach, the exact opposite is true. Thanks to the zoom, facetime, and the internet, all the goals we were pursuing before the pandemic set in are still possible. We are optimistic that video keeps everyone together and we will keep working hard for you.

Here are some alternative ways that we can continue to accomplish your video and marketing projects you may have started or have wanted to start. And most importantly we are sharing the precautions we will be taking as we move strategically move into phase 2 of Washington State's Stay Home, Stay Safe initiative, and business services, and photography can officially restart.

A Creative Repurpose

You would be amazed to see how much footage is filmed in one single day. AT CutBoard, Aaron is known for overshooting (Some may ask if he ever stops recording?). Because of this, we have a HUGE server to store all the video clips and photos. You might be asking, how can this help. Well for one we take unused photos, clips, and write a beautiful new script around them to help you create new content to keep your customers engaged.

Check out this commercial we created for Dawn Career Institute using footage filmed from two years prior.

So if you have an existing video with us or an outside vendor, we are more than happy to repurpose and update what you have to create a new project. Whether it's website background loops, shortened spots for social media, or Instagram stories, CutBoard is here to help.

Animation & Motion Graphics

This type of video can be an incredibly impactful way to convey a message. And guess what, it can be done entirely remotely. Animation video marketing is done completely on our computer so in-person contact is not necessary. While character animation like this clip for Paw Print Genetics can be expensive … creating motion graphics can help add some pizzaz to existing video.

Stock Video

One thing is for sure stock video is an abundant resource for editors. There are many different vendors from Getty, Adobe, Istock to choose from. This can sometimes save you money and save the time needed to go out and shoot on location. We used a few stock clips in this spot for Farmed Smart Certified. Can you guess which ones are stock?


We are planning on how to re-open and resume production as we are carefully moving into Phase 2 of Washington's Stay Home, Stay Safe mandate. Pre-production is always on-going, and may even give you a leg up on your competition.

Pre-production is key to the success of any video we produce. But it will be even more important during this time. Coming out of this pandemic, budgeting and planning will be pivotal. Luckily, CutBoard works with a tight crew. We have always defined the crew on set, and we will be moving forward in the same manner. All cast and crew will be limited and every precaution will be taken to limit the time spent on shoots.

The Changing Look of the Set

The biggest change is our NEW Studio set. No longer will we be cramped in a 500sqft office trying to maximize the use of the space. The studio has moved upstairs (yes, just a few more stairs to climb) where we will have plenty of space for social distancing. And it comes with the bonus of the WFH lifestyle for all of our pre- and post-production endeavors.

As you can imagine when production begins it will look a lot different. CutBoard will be taking the following steps as well as looking to the Motion Picture, Television & Streaming production guidelines for guidance:

  • All state, local, and federal (CDC) public health guidelines will be followed.
  • Production meetings should be virtual whenever feasible.
  • To the extent possible, physical distancing shall be maintained. When physical distancing is impracticable, other risk-mitigating measures shall be taken.
  • Minimizing and monitoring out-of-state travel for our team.
  • Daily cleaning and disinfection of any shared work areas and equipment.
  • Cast and crew should avoid touching their eyes, nose, and mouth.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available in the studio and on-location.
  • Close proximity equipment like lavalier microphones will be fully disinfected before and after every use.
  • During stage 2 it will be mandatory for all crew, talent, and clients to wear masks. Masks for talent are only removed from talent while shooting is taking place, and only one person can be unmasked at a given time unless the talent currently resides in the same household.
  • Physical contact should be avoided, including shaking hands, "high fives," fist or elbow bumps, or hugging.
  • Any hair and makeup stylists will need to be provided by the client or talent following all state-mandated regulations for personal services.
  • Priority will be given to outside locations, limiting the amount of production time in indoors and confined spaces.
  • Mandatory wellness screenings at the beginning of each production. Screenings will be self-assessed via the honor system. If crew, talent, or client has any symptoms related to COVID-19 the production will be canceled for a min of 14 days for self-quarantine.
  • All in-person crew, talent, and client interactions will be noted. In the event of a COVID-19 case, all parties will be notified.

The Great Unknown

There are still many unknowns surrounding COVID-19. Only time will tell how we will adjust to the new normal. The above is a small part of what CutBoard will be doing to transition out of the COVID-19 pandemic. This will help us keep production alive and clients and friends safe.

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