Visit Spokane: Creative by Nature

by Tanya Klumb

So if you haven’t heard the City of Spokane outsourced its new branding and creative to an agency in Seattle.

Seattle … yep, you heard that right … Seattle … you have to give me a moment.

Don’t you just wish your big brother would stay out of your bedroom? I think that is where we are — sister Spokane.

Personally, Seattle can stay on his side of the Cascades, or the imaginary line we are now drawing down the center of the room. We are the little sister between them and Minneapolis. And right now neither of them are allowed in our bedroom.

Hey, Dad can I have a lock on my door?

Spokane is home to great creatives and creative agencies that could have really brought out the spirit of Spokane.

Mom always says it’s the “Lilac City”. So I guess that is where it will stay. At least in the baby boomer generation.

wink, wink

Sorry to the City of Spokane, your old slogan “Near Nature, Near Perfect” didn’t even touch them.

So how do you think “Creative by Nature” will work?

How about the one we have snarked about around in our office … “Creative by Necessity”?

In Spokane, the creatives like us live and breathe by necessity. Clawing our way just to have the chance to be creative.

I lived in Kansas City … trust me it’s not by nature … but there are a bunch of hipster creatives doing their best to make a living there. It is dubbed by the locals as the “Paris of the Plains”. It might be their obsession with water fountains? But, the rivers and hiking trails are less to be desired … I moved my ass back here as fast as I could say barbecue (I will say they do have great BBQ … mmmm … I’ll take me some Joe’s KC from the gas station any day).

So while our snarky office comment of “Creative by Necessity” began as a joke this past month … it has now become our rallying call. We fight to be creative. To remind businesses of our most precious resource … our creativity. It requires us probe and prod at businesses to urge them that necessity is why it must be done.

So yes, while we are creative and we are by nature; we are really “Creative by Necessity”.

Creatively avoiding the potholes on the way to work … right?

In all honesty, I hope it does well because when Spokane is successful, we are all successful.

Creative by Nature.

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