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by Tanya Klumb

There are so many things fighting for your attention. How are you keeping up with trends? Tracking analytics? Creating reports? Reaching consumers? Sending marketing emails? It’s a lot — take a deep breath. CutBoard has your back.

It is true whether you’re a local small business or a CMO in charge of an entire marketing department you will have a hard time keeping your eye on everything. The expectation that you will, can hurt you in the long run.

Successful content marketing takes a sharp mind, dedication, and patience. Oftentimes, leading to burnout. A healthy content marketing plan is full of inspired ideas, interesting ideas, and forward-thinking collaboration.

Do you find yourself dreading your content calendar? Building a relationship with a creative content agency like CutBoard Studio you’ll get the jumpstart you need to get back on track.

How a Creative Content Agency Can Help

This isn’t a Ron Popeil “Set it. And, forget it.” partnership. A creative content agency becomes a partner who inspires you and motivates you. We are your sounding board while building the best content for your business.

Most companies have outsourced some of their content creation. Whether it is a blog post, infographic, or annual report. If your resources are tight this can be a great way to fill the holes. But, by engaging with a creative agency you can give more value to your time and money by utilizing their expertise. Moving your business forward.

Better & More Ideas

Have you ever been at a meeting where the strategy is to “try something new”? Picking an idea everyone’s excited about. Forging ahead with it, giving few thoughts to how the idea relates to the goals or larger strategy. What’s worse is moving forward with these ideas because you “think” they will work.

A creative content agency will help. More ideas, creative tweaks and pointing out flaws will help you reach your company’s goals. It can be hard to see outside your business, another set of eyes helps you take a closer look. Does it translate to your business’s brand and your targeted demographic. Think of a creative content agency as your safety net.

CutBoard is a creative team that you can bounce all ideas off of and get actionable feedback.


When you work with a creative content agency, you are benefiting from their experience. More brains to problem-solve and an extra set of cheerleaders who can help you, guide you, and grow your company.

When you build a relationship with CutBoard Studio, you work together. After setting up goals we can help steer you in the right direction while offering our unique insight. We’ve worked with companies across different industries so we’ve seen about everything that can go wrong. Plus, we can help you get out of the same old rut of thinking and take your content to the next level.


Great content is the result of several hands. Some teams are tight on resources, so you have to be a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to your content. But to build a strong company brand you need experts to handle it.

A creative content agency is a collection of talent. We are copywriters, researchers, designers, producers. Creating content which accomplishes your goals. We assist you while working within your budget and give suggestions about new approaches.


When you work with a creative content agency like CutBoard, you will become our partner as we work with you to create the best content possible. You’ll find we are honest and trustworthy and we will challenge each other to produce content that everyone can get behind.

To enjoy a relationship with a creative content agency it relies on finding the right partnership.

If you don’t know where to start, we’d be happy to help you out.





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