Digital Marketing & Advertising

Working with Archer Education we have created multiple digtial ads. These include Social Media, like Facebook and Instagram, Display ads, Video ads and Lead Generation Ads.

What is ditigal marketing & advertising?

Digital marketing & advertising encompasses any media bought for devices such as smart phones, computers and tablets. These include video (YouTube), social media (Facebook/Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, LinkedIn), display ads, influencer marketing, podcasts, lead generation … and more.

What makes CutBoard’s digital marketing different?

The creative team at CutBoard is the best, and they partner with the best buyers. Media Matters World Wide is a highly respected, award-winning media planning and buying company. They buy all media from traditional to all things digital and have deep experience in both Awareness and Direct Response media planning and buying.
Archer display advertisements
Testing and data provide you with the knowlege you need to succeed.

CutBoard creates digital ads that perform.

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Archer Education Carousel Ads
Post University Carousel Ads

Facebook Carousel Ads

One of the main benefits of the Facebook carousel ad format is that multiple images and videos can be used simultaneously. With a carousel you can include more text for the series than one ad can have alone.

Post Education Adroll Display Ads

Adroll Banner Display Ads

One of the most requested digital advertising mediums are display ads. These are the adroll banner ads you see on websites. They are made in multiple sizes typically retargetting a website visitor.

Archer Education Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads

With Archer Education we are constantly testing and refining the images and text that go into a performing ad. Typically we provide up to 5 versions of an ad so that they can be tested against the best performing, and against eachother.

Concorde Adroll Display Ads

Mobile Display Ads

These are a couple versions of Adroll banner ads that you can see on your mobile devices (tablets & smartphones).

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