Direct Response Marketing & Advertising

We have created many types of commercials for YTI Career Institute. All commercials are scripted around direct response advertising methods. Most are created utilizing B-roll and testimonials. The campuses is located around York, PA, where we have traveled to film the variety of programs they offer to their students.

What is Direct Response Marketing & Advertising?

Direct response is a sales technique crafted to envoke an on-the-spot response and encourages the customer to take an action. With this type of marketing it requires little or no time to see measurable results.

Direct Response Techniques

When you boil it down, unless you are tracking your results you won’t know what is performing. Direct response marketing utilizes unique URLs, phone numbers or codes that allow you immediate access to the data as soon as your ads go live.
Direct response marketing is a great way for small business to affordably reach the consciousness of a prospect.

TV commercials, direct mail, email blasts, print ads and social media can all be part of your direct response marketing.

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Generic Direct Response TV Commercial

Because PSI offers multiple programs, they like to traffic a few generic commercials along with program specific. This concept called “Picture Yourself” is based off a successful direct response campaign and tailored to target future students for PSI.

Direct Response TV Commercial for CDL Training

LCCC partnered with a local school to offer CDL traning for their students. In order to garner instant interest in this new program a direct response commercial was crafted with unique toll-free numbers.

Direct Response Culinary TV Commercial

Direct Response commercials tend to be generic in focus, unless you are looking to drive leads to one section of your business. In this instance, the culinary school is a segment of the campus which has a different target market than other trade programs.

Concorde Direct Response Print Advertisement

Print Advertising

Concorde underwent a new branding initiative and campaign called “Opportunity Awaits”. One aspect was a new print campaign featuring the actors from the TV commercials. Each print ad that ran had its own unique toll-free number for tracking.

Concorde Transit Advertisement

Transit Advertising

With the new “Opportunity Awaits” campaign we created transit advertising to supplement the direct response initiative. Some of the campuses are located in a high density metro areas in which their target demo does take the transit.

Donut Style Direct Response TV Commercial

A dount style direct response allows you to test multiple middles to find out what works best in your market. With this commercial we were able to interchange different testimonials, and run the testimonials as a 30-second commercial after saturating the market.

Humor Direct Response TV Commercial

Developed for YTI Career Institute, Tom Bross has the starting role as “Silver Man”. Humor can have a lasting impression when paired with a direct response message that has an offer.

Soft Direct Response TV Commercial

Occasionally it is good to break away from a fast paced hard sell for direct response. It is important to make your customer think of where they want to be in the future, and how they can get there.

Direct Response Radio Commercial

Radio is a great direct response marketing channel. It is typically inexpensive to produce, and with the right message can drive traffic to your store, website and more.

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