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Shot on location by CutBoard Studio, Way of the Columbia explores the vast geographic footprint of the Columbia Basin watershed which covers seven states and the Province of British Columbia. Exploring the vital environmental and resource issues facing the Pacific Northwest. This 13 episode documentary series was created for distribution on PBS.

What is documentary style videography?

The purpose of the documentary filming is to create a video that feels authentic. The heart of the documentary style is the interview, which means asking questions to encourage people to talk about something in their own words. They are filmed as they talk to the interviewer, and they look at the interviewer.

Who can benefit from documentary style videos?

So many companies and organizations can benefit from documentary style production. Because the goal is to film people speaking conversationally it lets the speaker use their own words leads to material that has a natural, authentic, honest feeling.

Then we film b-roll to go along with the interviews and the scenes are filmed as they occur. Sometimes minimal direction can be given but mostly, b-roll is filmed as it’s happening in real life.

Episode One: Note So Lonesome

In 1992, one lone Sockeye Salmon returned to Redfish Lake, “Lonesome Lary.” Explore the efforts undertaken by the Idaho Fish and Game and the Shoshone-Bannock Tribe to restore this native species of fish in the Salmon River watershed.
There is not a more powerful medium than the documentary video.

CutBoard Studio a master at documentary storytelling.

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A Tale as old as Time

Hatcheries have been a part of U.S. history since 1892. Take a look at a project being undertaken to explore an issue of Chinook Salmon returning from the Pacific Ocean before they are fully mature.

A Better Source

What is a Water Transaction? Join us as we explore a project undertaken by the Matson’s Farm, North Yakima Conservation District, Washington Water Trust, and Bonneville Power Administration.

Muddy Headwaters

Everyone has a part to play in the recovery efforts of the Columbia River Redband. Way of the Columbia looks at projects undertaken by the Coeur d’Alene Tribe, Spokane Tribe, Trout Unlimted, Spokane River Keepers, and the many local volunteers.

Kings of the Reach

Way of the Columbia follows the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife and Grant County PUD to see the multiple factors and efforts undertaken for Chinook Salmon in the mainstem of the Columbia River.

100 Year Gift

Sockeye Salmon had been extirpated above Cle Elum Dam since its construction in 1907. 100 years later the Yakama Nations reintroduced these salmon above the dam. Way of the Columbia sheds light on this small team undertaking this important reintroduction.

Steelhead Team Fish

As an anadromous trout species, Steelhead return to the Pacific Ocean after spawning. This journey can be dangerous and lead to death. Meet the team that rehabilitates these fish and saves them the trip.

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