Drone Photography Services

Finding the right pilot for your drone or aerial photography in Spokane for your business should start with finding someone who will understand your unique challenges. At CutBoard Studio we take the time to listen to your needs.

CutBoard is commercially certified to fly drones.

All Drone flights are operated legally within FAA Section 333 and/or Part 107 regulations.

If you are flying for any purpose other than hobby or recreation, it is considered a commercial use and you need a license. This includes flying a drone for real estate photography.

How much does drone photography cost?

Like most creative services, pricing for drone photography can vary wildly. Your location, the amount of editing needed, and the difficulty of what you want to shoot all affect price. Request a Quote for your next drone project with CutBoard Studio.

What kind of drone photography do you offer?

Commercial, Industrial, Residential including Real Estate images and video.

CutBoard Studio’s Drone & Osmo Videos

Drone video production allows CutBoard Studio to produce aerial photography at a reasonable cost for our clients. We also offer Steadicam videos for interior real estate photography, this allows for fluid movement while walking through a property.

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