Video Killed the Radio Star

It has been a great start to 2017. First, our PBS series Way of the Columbia has debuted on multiple PBS stations. And secondly, we received an Emmy® nomination for our Silver Bow Fly Shop commercial: The Fisherman.

We also got a chance to help out a great company in Liberty Lake with a pickle of a problem.

mmmm....pickles sound really good right now.

Okay, now back to something more serious. Trust.

Can you trust yourself? Your team? The idea? Us? Pickles?

So if you’re on LinkedIn you start to notice a pattern of posts. Most are about how to be a good manager, how leaders make the best bosses, how to grow your employees...etc.

When you boil it down, it all comes back to trust.

This made us take a pause and look back at the past ten years. Yep, we’ve been working together for ten years.

Before we started CutBoard, we worked under management, whose policy wasn’t to showcase the work of the team. It was all about the numbers and the efficiency.

We will agree, we do love numbers and efficiency, and are equally good at both. But, we also love to watch YouTube videos about spoons.

Don Hertzfeldt was nominated for an Oscar for the Best Short Film, Animated “Rejected”, the spoon part is one of our favorite scenes.

Now that we look back upon it, trust was never part of the equation. It was CYA, 24/7. It didn’t help that the office was over a thousand miles away from any on-ground action. And when receiving instructions it was like a bad game of telephone.

The sky is blue. The sky is cloudy. It’s raining outside. Raining pickles?

Because of this, everyone in the office lived on the edge. The Boy Scout motto “Be Prepared” was an understatement. Office meetings were like going to war. Grab your pickle spear!

Ultimately, this stifles creativity.

We can easily say we miss the team. It was small, efficient...we got a lot of things done. But we no longer play it safe. And the results for our clients show.

We love it when a company trusts us to bring their idea to life, to undertake a problem, or to find a solution.

Receiving a nomination for an Emmy® award is just the icing on the pickle.

Emmy® Award Nominated Studio = Pickles?

Okay, someone else needs to take over. We are too hungry here.

54th Annual Emmy® Nominations Ceremony

Have a pickle of a problem? We love pickles.





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