Flyer Sample

by Tanya Klumb

Flyers? You might think those a little old school. These marketing materials are great utility items — and with some style — your business has a hook. Flyers can be a great way to mass distribute specific or time-sensitive information. Don’t forget about your business’s brand. All the principles of design still apply. Take this opportunity to stand out.

Remember to keep these 6 design principles in mind.

1 Importance.

What is your message? What do you want to communicate first? This gives you the idea of what the reader needs to see first, second and third … don’t make your reader work too hard at it. Too much information or unorganized flow will leave your viewer puzzled … and they when they tune out they drop out.

Less is more … and more is less effective. Always remember KISS (Keep it Simple Silly).

2 Action.

What do you want the reader to do? This is your call to action. Now that you’ve got their attention, make sure they know what to do next. Do they call, text, or go to your website?

3 Consistent.

If your colors are blue, don’t decide that you need to put your stuff in yellow because it’s the “Sunshine Parade”. Always remember a flyer is the reflection of your brand. Don’t forget to be consistent with the color, typography (fonts) and the look and feel of all the images you use.

If your company doesn’t have an identity manual that outlines your guidelines you can work with a graphic design professional to create one. These are a must have when many people are responsible for selling your company.

Keep everyone involved on the same page.

4 Type (Fonts).

Limit your use of different type families and pay attention to how they can be consistent with your branding. There are so many choices but most often one or two different typefaces will suffice. If applying more than one typeface, be sure they have enough contrast. For example, you could pair a Times New Roman with Arial. It isn’t a good idea to pair two serif fonts like Times with Georgia. A good idea is to pick one typeface and use the different styles (Bold, Regular, Italic). This will help your designs feel united.

5 Distribution.

It’s essential to design your flyer for the medium and printing method you will be using. Are you printing and handing it out, or are you wanting to send it as an email?

There are many ways to print. Color is becoming more affordable and with digital presses. This allows small businesses to print quickly and within budget. If you are looking to print on your office printer keep in mind that these do have limitations. These printers can’t print with bleed and may not have the highest resolution. Making it very important that your designs reflect what way you will be printing. No matter what make sure to provide the printer with a high-resolution PDF.

If your flyer will be sent in an email, it is best to build it in pieces and use a service like Mail Chimp or Constant Contact. These email marketing services allow you to create responsive image and text based emails. This way you’re not attaching a separate file that they must open to read.

6 Tools.

You’re ready to build your flyer. You have it all planned out and need a way to put it all together. Knowing the right software will make your job much easier. For designing a flyer graphic designers recommend Adobe’s design software. These include InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop. To have all three available the cost is $49.99 a month, or $29.99 each. These programs may seem scary to someone beginning their design career. The cost can add up if you don’t use them on a regular basis. If you have the time there are step-by-step tutorials and videos available online. Some are available for free on YouTube and (available free through the Spokane County Library).

If you find that the software is too expensive and takes a lot of your time, you can hire a graphic designer to put everything together for you.

Now that you have the insight to create the perfect flyer. It’s time to give it a shot.

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