Graphic Design Cost in Spokane, WA.

Graphic design is the combination of text and pictures that can be put into advertisements, books, magazines, websites, and much more.

What are the methods that graphic designers use to invoice?

The first one is by the scope of the project, the second is by the hour. At CutBoard Studio, we prefer to let you know our hourly price and then provide you with an estimate of how long your project will take. This gives our clients an estimated cost of the project. Plus, if we are able to wrap it up quicker we can usually come in under budget. Everyone loves being under budget, right?

What is the average cost of graphic design?

According to Thumbtack® (an online service that matches customers with local professionals), Spokane’s average cost for graphic design is $135. It can be as low as $60 and as high as $295. At CutBoard Studio we average around $100 per hour or $675 a day. This can fluctuate but is solely dependent on how long the project may take.

Do you markup items like stock photography or illustrations? If so, how much?

At CutBoard Studio we don’t markup. Period. If we acquire illustrations or images from another source, the charge will always be what we are billed. If it comes from our stock photography files then we charge the current rate for royalty-free stock photography (Currently $33 per picture).

Does CutBoard charge lower fees for nonprofit organizations?

We do have reduced rates for nonprofits. Our company has a unique passion for conservation and environmentally focused nonprofits. We created a 13-episode series “Way of the Columbia” for PBS dedicated specifically to the restoration and rehabilitation of native fisheries in the northwest.

What are retainers? How can you benefit from one?

Retainers are great for long term projects. CutBoard Studio offers graphic design retainers to our clients. Minimum requirements for a retainer are 10 hours per month over a six month period, a 60-hour contract. By committing to a retainer you can be guaranteed hours at a reduced hourly cost of $75 per hour. This is a great alternative to our clients that have ongoing projects. Plus, it puts your company first in line.

Do you do Pro Bono work?

Depending on our company’s schedule … contact us and give us your best pitch.

As graphic designers, we love creating visual concepts, which communicate ideas that inspire, inform, and captivate consumers. We enjoy helping organizations become more recognizable by selecting colors, images, or logo designs to be used in advertisements and promotions. We are up to the task of developing the overall layout and production design for all your advertisements, brochures, magazines, and yes, even corporate reports. At CutBoard we love researching your audience because it helps us develop visual solutions that are relevant, understandable and most of all effective.

Our passion is to help you create designs, showcase your business, and help distinguish yourself from other businesses.

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