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Finding the right graphic design agency in Spokane for your business should start with finding someone who understands your unique business challenges. At CutBoard Studio we take the time to listen to your needs.

Always keep in mind that the goal of graphic design is to support the function of your content by providing thoughtful solutions to your specific problems. Graphic designers are ultimately responsible for improving the overall quality of your consumer’s experience with your content. Trust CutBoard to be your problem solver.

Why use CutBoard Studio to develop your design creative?

When you work with CutBoard Studio you will get undivided attention so we can understand the unique graphic design challenges that your company faces. From the moment you contact us we begin the process of learning about who you are and what you expect from your project.

Graphic Design covers many things including:

Logo Design, Branding/Identity Design, Direct Mail, Trade Show, Magazine & Publication Design, Web Design, Digital Marketing, Package Design, and Outdoor Advertising … just to name a few.
Label design
Package design
Package design
Package design
Package design

Fat Daddio’s: Package Re-design

Fat Daddio’s anodized aluminum bakeware is a result of over 45 years of family design and manufacturing located in Spokane, Washington with international distribution.

“Working with CutBoard Studio was the right thing to do. The creative process combined exciting new ideas with our existing branded elements. We were able to achieve our retail packaging goals in a very short period of time.” — Scott Jones, Creative Director

Logo Design

99designs and unique is not one of them. Your business is unique and your logo should be as well. CutBoard Studio works with you to tailor a custom logo for your business and when we are done we provide you with the native files and versions.

Direct Mail

Have you heard that Millennials like to get mail? Their email is bombarded every day and they are constantly being served up digital ads. But one area that is open to them is an old school tactic. Direct Mail includes postcards, brochures, newsletters … act fast before it’s too late.. ;)

Branding & Identity Design

A meaningful brand name, logo, icon and color scheme are the foundation for your business. We guide you through the creative process of discovering your company’s identity. As we discover the foundation we build upon it by creating letterhead, business cards, envelopes, mailing labels … and more.

Trade Shows

You want to prepare your sales team for a great trade show? Make sure they are setup to sell by having eye catching trade show displays and banners. CutBoard Studio can help you design and print your displays as well as develop flyers and brochures to make the final sell. One stop and you’re done.

Magazine & Publication Design

One hundred pages? … it can be daunting. We’ve been there and done that. Magazine design, catalog design, and publication design require a lot of moving parts to assemble. We’ve worked with vendors and clients to produce catalogs that involve many moving pieces. It requires you to be flexible and on point.

Web Design

Today’s web design is a constantly moving target. No longer can you “set it, and forget it”. Google seems to know when take the easy way out. You also want your customers to know that you are always working to make things better. Your website is your business online. Grab a cup of coffee and give us a call … we’d love to get a chance to learn more about you.

Digital Marketing

Enter the interactive world of Digital Marketing. But what is digital marketing? It is an umbrella term for anything that is marketing on the internet. And guess what? We are all connected all the time. We work with you to develop display ads to increase your brand's presence.

Package Design

Package design is probably one of our favorite things to do at CutBoard Studio. It requires a high skill of precision and conception. Taking a flat object and turning it into a folded box or another shape to fit the product is so much fun. Designing a package requires us to think outside of the box.

Outdoor Advertising

Hey did you see that billboard on your drive in this morning? Outdoor Advertising is huge! Otherwise known as environmental graphics it is one of the most seen advertising out there. From billboards, bus wraps, posters, banners … it is something you just can't miss.

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