Adroit video for Gravity Jack

Sometimes you have to take a story and turn it on its head, upside down and then when all else it in reverse.

Last month, we were fortunate enough to help out a company do just that.

But, let’s go back to the beginning of the story.

It all began last fall, October 29th to be precise.

The location was Hangman Creek (or Latah Creek, read more about the battle of names.) and considering it was two days before Halloween the weather was surprisingly nice. The weather in Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho are known to wreak havoc upon Halloween costumes.

We were filming a tree planting event along Hangman Creek for our PBS documentary Way of the Columbia.

This would be the first encounter with Josh...aka “Trout”.

Side thought: Why do all the Josh’s we know change their name? Yes, we are talking about you too, Jubei.

Trout ultimately invited us to present our documentary to the Spokane Falls Chapter of Trout Unlimted.

Two weeks after the presentation, and because of accuracy, it was March 21st we received an email from Gravity Jack.

Oh, did we forget to mention, Trout is the CEO of Gravity Jack? With a rod in hand, he enjoys hunting down his namesake in his spare time.

Gravity Jack was in a pickle, they had received a video from a production company that was described to us as “less than stellar” and the timetable was tight. They needed it to be finished in the next week to accompany a press release.

After reviewing the video, it had a lot of great things going for it. The motion graphics work was off the charts (seriously, it is beautiful), lovely color correcting and the general idea was there.

The issue was the story...and the “Gone Girl” music didn’t help its cause.

It was bouncing from one point to another, making it extremely hard to follow.

Okay, if a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth hundreds of millions. It would be best that we just show you where it was before our hands got dirty.

Like we said before, don’t you just love the motion graphics?

Well, we broke it. Do you have any superglue? The track fell off.

Our goal: find the story.

And sure enough, it was hiding there the entire time. Hollywood.

The Army sequence is just a dream, the place where our minds go when we hear the word augmented reality. And don’t get us started on Snapchat or Pokemon Go...can those even be called augmented reality? /facepalm

So, how do we get out of a movie, in order to talk about poindextAR?

Excuse us. Can you rewind that, please.

?RAtxedniop tuoba klat ot redro ni ,eivom a fo tuo teg ew od woh ,oS

That’s exactly what we did. We took the dream sequence and rewound it, and then blew it up.

And at last, here is the video we set on fire for Gravity Jack.

If you don’t get the story right, all the special effects in the world can’t make it great.

Let us make your story great!





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