Growing your Business with Video

by Tanya Klumb

Haven’t you heard, it’s spring. It might not feel that way with the weather in Spokane. As always we have seen every weather pattern imaginable including the sun in one day.

We do have one thing for ourselves here in the lilac city … things are starting to grow. More importantly, the items we planted in the fall are beginning to let us know they survived the winter and they will be ready to do their job.

Video for your business is like the bulbs you planted last fall. They could be tulips, daffodils or my favorite … garlic!

Now you could be going, oh shit, I haven’t made any videos. Guess you should throw in the towel right?

If you do, then you are letting every future customer of yours down, and frankly, they may not trust you.

So, Tanya, what the hell am I supposed to do?

First of all, start. Spokane’s growing season may be short, but if you put your mind to it, a 600 lb pumpkin could be in your garden by September.

How can a small business with a low budget get started with video marketing?

Simple, start with videos which provide the most significant impact on your business. Keeping in mind, it is critical that the content of your video resonates with your audience.

Product Explainer Video

If you only plant one bulb or make one video this year … make sure to start with a product explainer video.

Have you ever visited a company’s website and wondered if they are even legit. Or, questioned what they also do? What if that is what your potential customers are thinking?

A good explainer video paints a picture and points out the problems your company or product solves. Not only does it build trust it appeals to your customer’s emotions. Showing them how you can make their lives easier, better, or more fulfilling. Now that’s what we call a successful video.

Steps to creating an explainer video.
  1. Start with a great script.
  2. Keep it simple, short and sweet
  3. Use your typical conversational language … I promise if you say “synergy” I will hunt you down and make you eat that word.
  4. Incorporate b-roll of your product or service. Kind of like show and tell.

Want to give video a test drive? Try out Soapbox. It’s a screen recording and webcam recording browser add-on that you can use for free.

While Soapbox is a great way to dip your toes into video marketing. At CutBoard we have the tools needed, correct lighting, audio equipment and coaching. With these, we can develop an explainer video that will look and sound fabulous. And keep your business growing.

Customer Testimonial Video

You’ve been in business for awhile now and understand the awkwardness asking for a testimonial. It may seem like your intruding on them. But what is great about video testimonials is you only need one or two to start seeing the difference they can make.

Testimonial videos are a significant part of building trust, and building trust is an essential part of any small business.

So, it’s time to get up the nerve and interview some of your long-term customers, then share them prominently on your website.

Video testimonials help visitors to your site feel more confident in you, your business, and the services you provide.

Tips for creating video testimonials
  1. Brief your customer on what you might ask, don’t share every question because you want their answers to come naturally and authentic.
  2. Film the testimonial at your customer's place of business they will feel more relaxed.
  3. While you are filming the testimony, try to capture b-roll throughout the day. These personal moments will add authenticity.
  4. Always let your interviewee repeat what they said and keep the camera rolling. Some of the best videos happen after they think the camera is off. It all comes down to editing after the interview.
  5. Stand to the side of the camera and have a conversation. Once the testimonial forgets the camera is there, they appear to be just talking to you. Their responses become emotional and genuine.

Company Story Video

If you want to bring it all together, create a video about your company’s story. This type of video can let you show off what makes your business special and unique. People often buy more products and services when they are emotionally connected.

Think about how your company started, your history, the fantastic employees you have.

Types of Company Stories
  1. Current Employees. You hired some great talent to help grow your business. Showcase their expertise and passion towards the company.
  2. Record an Event. Recording b-roll at a company event and bring it together with a great script. This type of video can emphasize what your company is all about.

We understand that running a small business, you need to be open to new channels and tactics. And most importantly you want to make sure you’re spending your time wisely.

Not every video needs to be a high-production TV commercial. Nor does every business need to be on TV. But According to research at Hubspot consumers prefer to see more video.

As a production studio, we are always here to help you build a strategy and invest in the right videos so you can keep growing your business.

Yes, I’m ready to work with a creative media professional!





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