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When it comes to non-profit and for-profit schools CutBoard Studio has been part of the creative process for over 10 years. We have worked with multiple large enrollment & marketing agencies like Thruline Marketing (PlattForm) and Helix Education (Datamark) and Becker Media as well as being selected as an in-house creative team for various school groups. We understand the challenges that you can face with marketing proprietary schools.

What sets CutBoard apart from other proprietary education creative professionals?

When you work with CutBoard Studio you will get undivided attention so we can understand the challenges that your school may be facing. From the moment you contact us, we begin the process of learning about who you are and what you sets your school apart from the rest.

As a creative agency for for-profit and non-profit school groups we create:

Direct Response Television Commercials, Radio Commercials, Print Advertising, Outdoor Advertising, Direct Mail, and Marketing Materials … just to name a few.

Concorde Career Colleges: Testimonial Commercial with Spokesperson

60-second direct response donut style commercial. This direct response commercial gave the client flexibility to insert different testimonials giving them the opportunity to adjust and change depending upon market and demographics.

Radio Commercials

You might have heard that radio was dead. If this creative isn’t a part of your education marketing mix you may be missing out. Neilson studies show that weekly 90% of Americans tune into radio. And they show an average of $6 return for every $1 spent on radio advertising.

Print Advertising

Print Advertising and Marketing are a great way to get a tactile product into your prospects hands. Newspapers or Rags have slowly been weeding out, but those who are still left are showing great results. Something printed on paper has the ability to stick around and be shared with others.

Direct Response
TV Commercials

Direct Response Television or DRTV is a form of TV commercial that asks the viewer to respond directly to your school. It prompts the potential students to take action … to better their life. Used in combination with a strong brand these commercials help secure students that otherwise might be undecided.

Outdoor Advertising

When combined with a mix of other marketing Creative Outdoor Advertising keeps your school at the top of the student’s mind. As they are driving to a job they don’t love they could be seeing your billboard, bus wrap, poster, banner … it is something they can’t overlook.

Direct Mail

Have you heard that potential students like to get mail? While email can be placed in the trash, it becomes more personal when it’s in your hands. Colleges and Universities are taking full advantage of this tactic. Direct Mail includes postcards, brochures, newsletters, catalogs … and more!

Tradeshow &
Marketing Materials

Working with our propriety school partners we found one of the most important aspects of enrolling the student was having the materials needed to showcase the school's benefits. Marketing materials or collateral materials are the closers.
“Always Be Closing” – Glengarry Glen Ross

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