2018 Product Services Catalog

by Tanya Klumb

My background of graphic design has always been one of a motionless product. Wait a second … I said motionless not, emotionless.

Have you ever smelled junk mail? I do.

Some are a bouquet of flowers, other times a skunk must have got in the postman’s truck. For me walking into a print shop is absolutely intoxicating. And if you want to put my creativity over the edge. Work with us do a printed piece that requires a letterpress. An old technique that is absolutely divine. Nothing gets classier.

You see I started my career in a print shop.

Some days could be challenging. A college degree didn’t help me get the film to come out without dust spots. Who knew you could cry over dust spots in the film? Wait, there’s a time clock? Excuse me, who said I’m the IT department? Well, give me that roll of double-sided tape and a stack of folders, off into bindery I go. Those were my humble beginnings at PIP Printing. Now known as Plese Printing, Kim Plese is an exceptional business woman who I’m happy to say that I got to cut my teeth with.

These experiences in the print world will always hold a special place in my heart.

So, as you can imagine InDesign is my software of choice.

Did you know InDesign came out after I left college? I had to take my knowledge of PageMaker and transition to a whole new software … on the job.

The big question is, do we ever stop learning?

Absolutely not. I think it is entirely impossible when you work in the creative field to ever get stagnant. I am always learning new tricks, tips and most importantly how to bring new features to my clients.

So, today I have a great one for you. What if I said you can now animate your brochures … yes, you heard that right I said animate.
“But wait, Tanya, brochures don’t animate.”

Yeah, that’s what I thought until recently. No, they won’t animate after you print them out. But seeing a brochure animate on your screen … priceless. It could be a one-sheet, brochure, catalog, presentation or even an e-book. The animation is now possible in a web-hosted PDF.

I’m not talking about a website or videos we create. I’m talking about an actual PDF which can now animate text, a logo, become interactive with a click a button or even play an embedded video. All these things are now possible inside InDesign.

Wouldn’t you love to send a prospective customer a brochure that they can interact with? I sure do. This feature is the perfect blend of my stationery print world and my partner Aaron’s world of video. A truly unique sales piece which can be used to showcase a company or their products.

What makes InDesign’s Publish Online feature great is that you can easily update or make changes to the same file without having to send out new links. You can even embed these interactive PDFs on your websites. And if you create your brochure, catalog or one sheet in a standard 8.5x11 paper size it is simple for your customer to print it out at home.

So as I’m expanding my knowledge base into InDesign’s publish online, I’ve taken the opportunity to put together a catalog of our services including next years rate sheet. Browse this interactive catalog and contact us when you’re ready to create your video or if you want to take your print material to the next level.

And don’t forget just because it animates, doesn’t mean that you can’t download our catalog and print out the rate sheet to keep ahold of. Plan ahead and estimate the cost of your next project.

Graphic Design, Video Production or an Interactive PDF? We’ve got you covered.





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