Custom Infographics

Modern consumers are browsing more web content than ever before, and they often don’t have the time or the patience to read large amounts of text.

Why do infographics work?

Because 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are known to improve learning and retention by 400% it makes sense to use infographics in your marketing mix. If you are looking for the most effective medium for maximum learning and retention of the information, infographics are it.

What makes a good infographic?

The best infographics are composed of few different parts. They’re well designed, tell a good story, and most of all they are easy to understand. Infographics give you a visual aspect of content in a way which is easy to digest.

How to make custom infographics?

Number one, start with great content. Two, pull out the process or the statistics. Three create icons, images or large text to correspond with the copy. If you want to dabble in creating one yourself we recommend Adobe® Spark; otherwise, give us a call.

Video Production Process Infographic

Video production can be complex. By combining both text and images in a custom infographic narrows it down into bite sized pieces which are easy to understand.

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