Kickstarter Videos

by Tanya Klumb

While we understand that making a video can be intimidating and as an engineer, product designer, or inventor you may feel uncomfortable being in front of the camera. But you’re looking to make a video because you want to make your Kickstarter campaign a success.

As Kickstarter says on their website:

“A video is strongly encouraged but not required. More than 80% of projects have videos and those that don't have a much lower success rate.”

You don’t want your Kickstarter to fail.

So here you are, researching how to make a Kickstarter video. Wondering how you can get the video done without breaking the bank. We understand that you’re doing a Kickstarter to get funding in the first place, not to just make a video.

It is important to keep in mind most Kickstarter projects are inventions that nobody has seen before. Making it vitally important to explain how they work in a video. The Kickstarter video has one job: to convince funders that your product works.

Kickstarter recommends answering these six questions in your video.

1. Who are you?

Introduce yourself, your team, and any similar work you’ve done (show some examples!).

2. What are you planning to make?

The more details, the better. Sketches, samples, prototypes — it all helps backers get as excited as you are.

3. Where did this project come from?

Tell people how you got the idea, and how much you’ve accomplished so far. Sharing the project’s history helps others understand the kind of work you do, and how you go about it.

4. What’s your plan, and what’s your schedule?

Lay out a clear, specific timeline for what backers can expect.

5. What’s your budget?

A simple breakdown lets people know you’ve thought things through and have a workable plan, so they can trust you to use funds wisely.

6. Why do you care?

Tell people why you’re passionate about your project and committed to making it happen.

Why use CutBoard Studio for your Kickstarter Video?

We work within your budget.

At CutBoard we understand that Kickstarter videos have tight budgets. This is why we work with you creating the scope of the project. We help you set this up from the start, thus eliminating any unexpected surprises.

We can help you develop the concept, script and filming high-quality images and audio. If you already have an idea for your video we will help turn your vision into reality; within budget, of course.

We are local.

We are proud to say we are homegrown right here in Spokane Valley. Aaron started working with film in the AV class at Central Valley High School. Tanya crafted her eye for presentation while layout-editing the Yearbook at University High School. We are two rivals who have come together to create award-winning work.

We tell great stories.

As filmmakers and photographers based in Spokane, we want to help craft your successful Kickstarter video. Everyone has a compelling story. Whether it is an individual, business or organization.

For all crowdfunding video projects, we’ll collaborate with you to create a video that represents you and your project best in a creative and engaging manner.

Are you ready to “Kickstart” your video?





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