CutBoard Studio’s Lucky Charms

by Tanya Klumb

Purple Horseshoes.

They weren’t always part of the mix in Lucky Charms. When I was five, they added in this novel marshmallow.

I was talking with someone this past week, and they believed that the purple horseshoes had always been part of the mix.

So I had to do my research and find out the evolution of Lucky Charms.

It is astonishing to see how brands evolve over the years, how somethings come, go and get replaced. In my research, I learned that the only two marshmallows left from 1983 are the purple horseshoe and the pink heart. Maybe this is good luck. Purple and horses hold plenty of memories for me. And, if you are the “pink” girl like my niece, you’re in luck it’s the only original one left.

The more I thought about this interesting Lucky Charm conundrum I started to see the familiarity of the mirroring in my career.

I still am a print graphic designer by trade. But I’ve morphed into a creative marketing strategist. I’m still holding onto the purple horseshoe of print, but I’ve added in digital media, writing, and video to the mix. These “marshmallows” weren’t there at the beginning of my career, but they have been carefully worked into the perfect blend to provide businesses the right strategy that works.

Lucky Charms has taken their marshmallows (their brand) and changed it over the years. The four-leaf-clover is now in a hat, and the orange star is shooting across the sky. Is your business ready to transform?

One of the most significant jumps a business can take is developing a marketing plan. Sure you can open your doors and let people hear about you from word of mouth. But do you want to rely on other people to make sure your business is a success?

So, let’s grab this cereal by the bowl and talk about how to create your personal lucky charms brand.

Are you ready to cut out the unattended and discover how branding is used for a purpose to accomplish your goals?

Your brand is the name, terms you use, design guidelines you follow, symbol or icon that represents you which distinguishes your organization or product from your rivals in the eyes of your customer. Think of these as your logo, slogan, and mission statement the foundation which you can build your business on.

I’ll dissect this a bit in regards our business, CutBoard. In film, a “Cut” is used to serve as transitions from one place to the next. There are various types of cuts, L-cut, jump cut, cutaway, cross cut, match cut, and cutting on action. Oh, and don't forget you can “cut” out what out the unattended and you can just yell CUT when you want to stop filming right?

Another way “Cut” serves as a transition was how we started CutBoard. We have traveled down various paths. Because we started with an agency moving to an in-house corporate marketing team, this gives us a sharp eye. And ultimately growing into a creative powerhouse with the goal of delivering high quality, innovative, creative media which achieves a purpose to all of our clients.

We pack quite a lot into one three letter word, right?

Cut “Board” is where the simple meets the complex. We aren't talking about being “bored” here. “Board” is a take away from the beginning of action, traditionally termed as a clapperboard. A clapperboard is also a way to organize shots when you take them out of order and sync audio with video.

To sum it up “Cut” is the transition, and “Board” is the organized action. CutBoard is the transition to organized action. And the Studio is a place where artists like us combine different marketing methods and strategies to help our clients reach their goals.

What is your company's brand? We can help you develop it.

CutBoard Studio … magically delicious?

Are you ready to work with a team who can take your brand strategy and pull it together using all the marshmallows in the box?

Yes, I know it can be hard to wrap your head around paying someone to do something for your business which “technically” you can “kinda” do. This year, we are even doing a bit of outsourcing ourselves. We hired an accountant. Accounting isn’t something we enjoy, nor are we good at it. And when tax season has rolled around the last couple years, it makes our brains explode. So to work on what we love (helping people like you), we needed to let go of the things we don’t enjoy doing.

The plus side is, it is always better to work with a professional. It saves time and money, and you don’t have to worry about it being wrong.

Don’t let your business hit the desperation stage where you start making chocolate Lucky Charms.

That is a crazy move, and we won’t let you go there.

What we will do is help you make Lucky Charms with a pot of gold at the end of your rainbow.

Yes, I’m ready to work with a creative media professional!





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