Media Buying

CutBoard Studio provides clients with a full suite of media planning and buying services for optimal reach and results.

We are partnered with Media Matters World Wide. MMWW is a highly respected, award-winning media planning and buying company with offices in SF, LA, NY, and Portland. Normally their threshold for a new client requires a minimum annual spend of $100K/month. They buy all media from traditional to all things digital and have deep experience in both Awareness and Direct Response media planning and buying.

From programatic campaigns to traditional media, our buyers are some of the most skilled negotiators in the business.

Analytics and Data Visualization

We make it easy to analyze the data so you can make informed decisions and adjustments to maximize your media buy.

We do it really, really well:

Traditional Media (TV, Broadcast Radio, Print, Direct Mail, Out of Home)
Digital Media (Paid Search, Social Media, Display, Video, Lead Generation)
Media Buying Chart
Media Buying on Target
Media Buying Channels

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