The Lion King’s Motto

by Tanya Klumb

Who is CutBoard Studio?

Sometimes you need to step back and re-examine where you are, where you seem to be going, and why it all matters? Why are we doing this? What do we gain by watching The Lion King one more time? The dumb joke at the beginning, of course!

All this came to a head this week, while I was sitting alone in our office.


Okay, I did have the sound of the air conditioner running … 90+ degrees for how many days straight? What? We broke a record … at least Spokane got something out of being in the haze.

Back to reality … I really don’t like working alone. You don’t have anyone to bounce ideas off of … unless you think my coffee might start talking back to me someday?

Well, this is a good reminder of why I don’t freelance in my PJs at home. I don’t think I would be as successful as a “lone wolf” creative.

So, who am I? And what am I doing here?

Well, I’m Tanya. At CutBoard, I’m the designer, writer, and a really over organized pain in the butt. At home, I’m a daughter, sister, and an over glorified chicken whisperer.

So, today I got some wild hair and figured if we are truly going to hit the pavement and sell our services we need to have some sort of Motto, Law … or as dorky as it sounds Mission Statement. Ugh! Let’s just keep it as our Motto, sounds more genuine. Plus, it harkens back to being a scout. Yes, I was a girl scout … uniform, cookies and even a shiny Gold Award.

Okay, focus.

So how about this:

To creatively understand the truth … To be helpful and honest … Be a partner to every business.

Kinda harkens to being a scout right?

I think we are always looking ways to creatively question/bend/tell the truth. And we promise, we will go out of our way to be truthfully honest. It may not feel helpful at that exact moment … sometimes it may come off as a little rough … but we want to do what is best for our clients and their business.

In a way, it’s a promise to ourselves and our clients that we won’t force you down a road you don’t belong on. We want to sit down with you and find out what your problems are, the pain points and how we can help fix them. A video for a website, won’t make the website great. You want a great website, that a video can enhance.

Let’s not put the cart before the horse.

So, in reality, we want to help develop content which ultimately helps your business. And if we can’t provide the right service, we will work with you to find the right match.

As you can see we are a little quirky. That’s why our clients and former colleagues address us as the “Creatives”. We’re proud to stick ourselves in this “box” in order to break you and your business out of yours. It might not always be easy … but we promise, it will be fun.

And in a way, we’ve actually been sculpting our business around this Motto since the beginning. Because it is who we are. It feels good to have it finally written down someplace.

Oh, and Hakuna Matata. No worries … we’re here for you.

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