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While producing our PBS documentary “Way of the Columbia” we meet the Spokane Riverkeepers, a small group of individuals that inspire us every day. We created a video for the Wild and Scenic Film Festival an annual fundraiser at the Garland Theater. This short clip we used audio from a 1940’s era Department of Agriculture video with footage of the Spokane River and Hangman Creek.

What is nonprofit video production?

When you boil it down, funds are limited and you have to spend it wisely. Video is fastly becoming one of the best ways to convince your donors and community to take action, and ultimately build fundraising momentum for your organization.

How can nonprofits leverage video?

One of the best ways to reach your awareness and fundraising goals is to leverage video marketing. Video engagement is now an enormous part of all web traffic (approximately 80%), and according to one study, 57% of online donors make a gift after watching an inspirational fundraising video.
By using video, you can stand out by providing brief but valuable content that motivates the community to give.

Nonprofit videos can be used to communicate and inspire, are you ready?

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Northwest Riverpartners: DamGood Reasons

This video was part of the CleanHydro campaign to raise awareness of the tremendous value that the Columbia and Snake rivers bring to the Northwest, economically and environmentally.

Spokane Falls Trout Unlimited

Trout Unlimited part of the filming for our documentary “Way of the Columbia”. This clip of them from one of the episodes was provided to them to place on their website.

Spokane Riverkeeper: What is in your river

This first film of many introduces the community to an ongoing issue the Spokane Riverkeepers are involved with. In this video Jerry White discusses what is in the river.

Spokane Riverkeeper: Why is this in your river

In the second video of the series, Jerry White of the Spokane Riverkeepers discusses why the sediment is in the Spokane River.

Spokane Riverkeeper: Looking Back at your river

In this third video, Jerry White focuses on floodplains as one aspect of reducing sediment in the Spokane River.

Spokane Riverkeeper: Hangman Thaw

In this short video, we are able to visually show what happens when Hangman undergos a rain on snow event. And the harmful effects that follow.

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