Nonprofit Video Production

Are you looking to work with a company who can take your nonprofit’s message and boil it down into a short and impactful video? CutBoard works with our nonprofit partners to create insightful and persuasive stories that come in on budget and within the deadline. You can’t ask for more than that.

How CutBoard Studio helps nonprofits?

We understand how difficult it is to work within the confines of a nonprofit’s budget. We are always keeping our eyes and ears open to find creative ways to do more for less. Our services are flexible so we can produce the best possible product while keeping your budget in the green.

What kind of Nonprofit Videos?

Fundraising Videos, Identity & Profile Videos, Testimonial Videos, Educational Videos, Volunteer Videos, and Thank You Videos.

Northwest RiverPartners: Dam Good Reasons

Northwest RiverPartners promotes the economic and environmental benefits of the Columbia and Snake rivers. We love how science, creative engineering and hard work come together for the largest species restoration effort in the nation. Salmon truly are the Northwest's iconic fish.

Fundraising Videos

You have limited time to tell your message and make a public call for action. Fundraising videos are vital for all nonprofit organizations. Let us help you tell your message that not only creates emotion but engages the public to take action.

Identity & Profile Videos

Who are you? What do you do? Why is it important? An Identity or profile video can help you answer these questions. CutBoard Studio can dig deep into your nonprofit organization to find out the answers and tell your story.

Testimonial Videos

Using testimonial videos are a great way to let your donors see firsthand how you are changing lives. These may be endorsements, opinions from experts, and those who have directly benefited from your service. Testimonials are an authentic way of showcasing your nonprofit organization.

Educational Videos

With the use of educational videos, nonprofit organizations can easily educate and inform both the general public and future donors. Videos can show the impact your organization has achieved and what you hope to achieve in the future.

Volunteer Videos

The heart of every great nonprofit is their volunteers. With their action and support anything is possible. By showcasing your volunteers with a video it gives others an opportunity to engage and feel apart of something bigger.

Thank You Videos

Saying “Thank you” may be the single most important part of your nonprofit campaign. The suport of your voluteers and staff is what produces incredible results. By producing a thank you video you can easily communicate your results and message to all of your supporters.

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