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Working with Barkley Advertising CutBoard developed multiple concepts to present to Russell Athletic for their 2019 WalMart pitch. This also included point of purchase displays. Everything was created at scale and provided final conceptual files to the Russell team for internal development.

Why is Package Design Important?

Great package design ensures that your product gets taken off the shelf. Your package design is one of the most important elements in a successful product launch (or re-launch).

What makes CutBoard’s designers different?

Our team at CutBoard has no problem pulling in a designer in for your strategy meetings or picking up an exacto knife and creating a model of your package design. Not only do we make sure your package looks stunning, but we make sure it will function too.
RA Underwear Packaging
Your product deserves the best packaging possible.

Partner with our graphic designers to create your products’ next package.

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Archer Education Field Guide Catalog

Interior Cake Pan Labels

The round cake pan is Fat Daddio’s signature pan. The interior labels were created in various sizes, 4” was used for the 4” and 6” pans and so on

Archer Education Field Guide Catalog

Box Packaging

Box packaging was created for the Meringue Powder, Royal Icing Mix and the Wild Inside Bake Set.

Archer Education Field Guide Catalog

Sheet Pan Labels

With these labels we had lots of room to showcase imagry as well as copy. These sheet pan labels were also modified for the cookie sheet pan labels as well.

Becker Media Tradeshow Booth

Clamshell Packaging

This packaging required a specific di shape to produce. The surface area was limited yet still had to fit the new brand look and feel.

Post Facebook Advertising Catalog Sample

Wrap-Around Packaging

With the loaf pans it afforded us a bit more room to ad images with the wrap around. But we still needed to keep in mind the placement of the pans on a shelf.

Concorde Billboard Sample

Hemisphere Labels

The manufacturer of the labels offered a di for this pan that provided a unique shape and design. In keeping with the same theme the most important information faces front.

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