Photography & Drone

When Ridgeline Decks finishes a deck, they call us. CutBoard makes an appointment with the homeowner and then takes pictures, and video of the finished deck. Often utilizing a drone for the slow glamor shots you see on their website.

Still Photography

We know that first impressions are essential. And a picture is worth a thousand words, and one minute of video is worth approximately 1.8 million words. By combining professional HDR and twilight images with a stedicam video you will be capturing the home in its best light. Did you know that 73% of homeowners are more likely to list with a realtor that offers to create a video for them?

Drone Photography

Some properties are large, and it’s difficult to show them utilizing traditional photography methods. Drone photography is a great way to get the aerial photos and video that the property may need. Just make sure your drone operator is FAA certified … ask Aaron, he’ll show you his license.
Taking great video and photos of your business to use.

CutBoard Studio makes commercial photography easy.

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Video Transfers
Video Transfers
Video Transfers

Interior Photography

CutBoard utilizes HDR photography, otherwise known as high dynamic range photography. With this technique you take the same image at different shutter speeds: bright, medium and dark. Then combine them to produce the best photo possible.

Property Photography
Commercial Photography
Twilight Real Estate Photography
Exterior Business Photo

Exterior Photography

This is your showcase photo of the property. Consumers love twilight photos. These photos are taken of the exterior at dusk. It showcases the landscape/lighting and sometimes a sunset. These are sure to grab a buyer’s attention.


Occasionally a property calls for videography, or drone videography. For this sample the property included a garage/hanger as the property backed up to a landing field. So imagine, waking up and going to your garage for a flight.

Food Photography
Food Photography
Food Photography

Food Photography

We help resturants showcase their food for social media and their website. Pictures must reflect your menu, and tantalize some tastebuds.

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