What is the definition of photoshop.

Photoshop is an amazingly powerful tool. It can create art, promote fabrications and even change the world.

Are you ready to change the world?

We are!

Okay, not in the way that claims falsehoods, we don’t do “alternative-facts” and we think magazine covers have taken the “touch-up” too far. A blemish here and there, sure. An entire leg or arm missing half of its weight ... not so much.

We create art, not false promises.

Though we have been known to take a few liberties in office jokes. Pretty sure there has been co-workers heads on fish, a lady riding a polar bear and even taking a group shot and making every head the CEO.

We try to have fun.

All jokes aside. To truly create art, it takes a thought out plan, amazing execution and a lot of patience. We promise “photoshopping” won’t take your random photo and make it spectacular.

When we take HDR (high dynamic range) photos for real estate photography, we utilize a tripod and take 4–5 images at different exposure levels so we can merge them together using “photoshop” techniques to produce a beautiful lit room.

Yes. Some pre-planning is required.

Want to know what goes into creating a truly spectacular piece of art?

A lot of time, patience, and planning.

Check out Erik Johansson’s work. One word. Astounding.

Erik Johansson’s Full Moon Service

Here he showcases exactly what it took to “photoshop” this image “Full Moon Service”.

Okay, you can stop holding your breath.

If you learned anything from watching this video is exactly how much it takes to create a stunning piece of art.

Time to get creative.

Are you ready to create your next masterpiece?





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