Filming a Live Event or Presentation

by Tanya Klumb

Your first question might be “How much does it cost to film a live presentation?”

Then we are going to follow-up with, “What is the presentation going to be used for?”

As Uncle Scar from the Lion King said: “Be Prepared!” So let us first try to answer these questions.

  • Are you looking to capture highlights of the presentation for a shorter 60-second video clip?
  • Do you want to film the entire presentation to watch it later?
  • Or, do you just want to highlight key points of the presentation?
  • Are you looking to sell your presentation or future presentations to other organizations?

As you can see it’s a few questions to be answered. But once we know what you are looking to film we can give you a more accurate quote. On the upside of being prepared, it helps you develop a video that meets all of your goals.

As a baseline CutBoard offers three different live event and presentation filming packages: simple base package, standard package, and dynamic package.

Our simple base package films a presentation is for those that want to document a presentation or live event. CutBoard Studio will come to your event and film the entire presentation. Once complete we upload to a cloud service in which you can download to distribute online, upload to your website, YouTube, Vimeo, or your social media pages.
Simple base package includes:
  • One camera setup
  • Lav mic setup
  • Downloadable MP4
Our standard package is for those that want to take a live presentation to the next step. After filming your speaker or live event we can then take the powerpoint or keynote presentation and edit in the slides at the correct moment of presentation. By doing this it allows the camera to only focus on the presenter and not the screen.
Step-up package includes:
  • One camera setup
  • Lav mic setup
  • Integration of slides into video
  • Downloadable MP4
  • 1 DVD or Blu-ray of the presentation
The cream of the crop is our dynamic video package. This package allows us to film your presentation at two different angles, choose two of these three options. A medium close-up of your presenter(s), a close-up of the presenter(s), or an audience angle. After filming the live event we take the different camera angles and edit the final video together. We also include any keynote or powerpoint slides to make a final dynamic presentation video that feels like you are right in the room. As a bonus, this package includes a 30 or 60-second cut down of the presentation to be used as a sales video for future presentations.
Dynamic package includes:
  • Two camera setup
  • Lav mic setup for two presenters
  • Lighting setup if needed
  • Integration of slides into video
  • Downloadable MP4
  • 30 or 60-second highlight video, to use as a teaser for future presentations.
  • 2 DVDs or Blu-rays of the presentation with a customized play menu
Check out this clip of Kirk Brown’s “John Bartram Lives!” from a simple base package presentation we filmed at Centerplace for The Inland Empire Gardeners.

Interested in finding the right combination for your presentation video?
Send us a message and we will customize any package to fit your needs.





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