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Radio advertising has several benefits but most of all, it's affordable. Radio advertising is less expensive than cable television advertising but can often have the same reach. We’ve learned over time repetition is important to advertising, the low cost of radio enables you to run multiple ads, which sees better results.

Does Radio Advertising work?

A study by Nielsen examined radio’s return on ad spend and it showed that, depending on the category, every dollar spent in radio advertising could generate up to $17 of revenue from listeners exposed to ads. Not only does radio provide proven ROI, but local businesses tend to see a more immediate return than with other types of advertising.

Even though competitors like to portray radio as an aging technology, the reality is radio advertising remains an effective tool for reaching consumers. And is the perfect media to pair with your online ad spends. But, just like with every ad you create, you must know your target audience.

Good radio production is essential.

Unlike television commercials, production is more simple for a radio commercial. You need a good, imaginative script, voice talent, music, and sound effects. However, that doesn’t mean you should slap something together. Your copy isn’t relying on any visuals, so it’s vital you capture the listener’s attention from the start.
CutBoard makes sure that everything you say is crafted to have maximum impact.

Create a great radio ad that drives customers to your business!

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CDI Radio

60-second radio commercial created for CDI College in Canada.

DCI Radio

60-second radio commercial created for Dawn Career Institute’s move to a new location.

Firewise Radio

15-second radio PSA commercial created for the Firewise program for the Spokane Conservation District.

DCI Clinic Radio

60-second radio commercial created for the massage clinic at Dawn Career College.

PSI Radio

60-second radio commercial with a generic focus for Professional Skills Institute

Taylor College Radio

60-second radio commercial for Taylor College in Florida.

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