Real Estate Photography, Drone Photo

by Tanya Klumb

You might be thinking that as a real estate agent that you can easily take your own property listing photos. Hey, cell phone camera’s have gotten really good, right? And it’s hard to part with money, especially when you don’t see any until after the sale of the home.

The images taken of the property can make all the difference between having a successful listing or one that struggles to attract interest. And more often than not, professional photography will bring in a higher offer. Who wouldn’t like that?

Sometimes you might be wondering, does a professional real estate photographer take better pictures? Yes, we do.

Here are a few reasons that you should hire a professional real estate photographer. And just for fun, some before and after pictures peppered in.

Real Estate Photography, Before & After

Real estate photographers know how to showcase a home’s best assets.

As a professional real estate photographer in Spokane, we have the experience of highlighting a home’s space and design. Showcasing the interior and exterior of a house with proper lighting is not always easy to do. And in Spokane, we experience weather extremes that can make it difficult to find perfect sunny days in the middle of fall, winter or spring.

Real Estate Photography, Before & After

Great real estate photography will get more attention.

When you hear that nine out of ten home buyers start their search for a new home on the internet, then you know that visually you need to stand apart.

Think about it, what is the first thing you do when looking online. Check out the photos, maybe watch a video? Make sure that your listing is prepared to catch the eyes of your potential buyer.

Real Estate Photography, Before & After

Professional photographs will help you sell a property faster.

When you work on commission and speed matters wouldn’t selling two homes a week instead of one mean more money in your pocket?

History tells us that using a professional real estate photographer your listings will sell 32% faster than if you take the photos yourself. And when you work with a photographer that has a quick turnaround, plan on having offers on your listing in no time.

Real Estate Photography, Before & After

More money? Yes, a professional real estate photographer can help you make a few more clams.

In Spokane, we like to highlight the value of the properties and make them look more attractive to buyers. From our little inner-city condo’s in Spokane to the lake house in Coeur d'Alene we want to reach out to the buyer, and make them feel like it is their dream home. By doing this you are likely to have more people bidding on your listings, and this high demand could increase the prices which are offered. On average, professional real estate photos help to sell properties 39% closer to their listing price.

It’s not always about the pictures.

By using a professional photographer, you are not limited to just photographs. We have the capabilities to film virtual tours as well. And don’t forget to grab some drone photography when showcasing that lake property.

These can help you expand the number of home buyers that view your listing … and with the increase of out-of-town buyers who may not be able to see the home in person, it will give them a more in-depth look at your listing in a fast and efficient way.

Make sure your photographer has their FAA drone certification. There are only a limited number of certified pilots in Spokane.

Search the FAA certfications here: we’re listed under Aaron Nepean

This home may not have been aesthetically pleasing. It had more furniture and clutter than one would typically have in a staged home which is for sale. As the agent, you can only suggest so much to your sellers. But, the difference between taking your own photographs and using a professional photographer is up to you. As you can see this is a great example of what we can do to help improve your listings.

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