by Tanya Klumb

What’s a Real Estate Testimonial Video?

Video testimonials capture something that written testimonial cannot. The human ability to communicate nonverbally. And that’s a powerful tool.

A real estate testimonial is a compelling story from a current or past client to a potential client. The shorter, the better. You don’t want an hour-long testimonial. Typically, they range from one to two minutes.

How do you secure a clients trust so they choose you to sell or buy their homee? Testimonials help set you apart. Real estate testimonials give website visitors a clear picture of you as a reliable realtor who will do the job right.

What to do when you have a great client who has a glowing recommendation?

When a client has a great experience, let them share it. Potential clients can experience anxiety, utilizing a video testimonial can relieve these fears. It might even shoot down the thoughts of “It costs too much, or It’s not good enough.”

A testimonial video leaves a potential client with the thought of, “Other people have worked with this agent, and they had a good experience. I probably will too.”

The 5 must ask questions or prompts to ask a client while making a real estate testimonial video.

  • What made you choose me as your real estate agent?
  • How impressed were you with…(name something specific to the client)?
  • What was the best thing I did to help you buy/sell your home?
  • How was I able to help you overcome…(name a specific challenge the client had)?
  • Would you recommend my real estate services to friends, family, neighbors or coworkers? What would you tell them?

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