How long should your social media video be?
How long should your YouTube video be?
How long should your Facebook video be?
How long should your Instagram video be?
How long should your Twitter video be?

How long should your videos be?

That is a good question. Running a successful business, you need to take this into consideration before pricing out video services. Typically the longer the video, the more it can cost.

Let us nail down the specifics because not all social platforms are the same. You want to make sure that your videos are engaging and relevant to your audience. So, who’s your audience? What do they want to see? How long are they willing to engage? And what sites are they visiting?

After answering these questions you have narrowed down what type of videos you need to create.

Now find out how to best optimize and customize your videos for each of these social platforms. Because not all social networks work the same.

YouTube Videos

What is the best length for a YouTube Video?

Users on YouTube are ready to spend more time watching videos than any other social platform. Because of this, it is the best network to showcase your longer format videos. Studies done have shown engagement diminishes after the 2-minute mark.

A lot can be done with video over 2-minutes. Yet, sometimes your topic or explainer video could have too many steps to cover in that short of a time span. By using YouTube’s playlist feature within your account it will allow you to break up longer format videos into shorter segments that will garner higher engagement.

Facebook Videos

How long should Facebook video ads be?

Videos on Facebook need to be attention grabbing and short. This audience also tends to watch the video without sound. They are scrolling quickly through their feed and will pause if that first couple seconds grab their attention. Once you do play a Facebook video, how many times have you stopped the video just a few seconds in and scrolled down to the next post? We have.

The peak length is around the 22-second to 60-second mark. Typically if a viewer makes it to the 30-second, they will most likely complete the video. So, it is a good idea to get the gist quickly. Because sound-watching seems to be a challenge, using text graphics or overlaying captions will help the engagement of your video.

Instagram Videos

How long should an Instagram video be?

Video in Instagram videos used to be capped at 15-seconds. Because of this viewers had become accustomed to shorter videos that followed a meme or gif aspect to them. In 2016, Instagram changed the length of allowable videos to 60-seconds. Viewers are still catching up to this length, and tend to scroll through their feeds at lightning speed.

The max used to be 15-seconds, now Instagram allows 60-seconds. But 30-seconds is the sweet spot. The audience expects visually engaging stories, that are humanitarian centered. As with Facebook, the users don’t tend to turn on the sound so your video and visuals & captions must carry the story.

Twitter Videos

How long can a twitter video be?

140 characters of pure un-edited bliss? Well for some. Twitter allows users to post 140-seconds of video. Users have been focusing on live news and video, thus changing the way users connect with businesses and individuals on the platform.

As you can imagine 140 characters =/= 140-seconds. The Twitter platform is based on quick bits of information, so try to keep your video length under 45-seconds. Keep in mind you will have to grab the viewers attention in less than 10-seconds to keep them watching and stop scrolling. You can use text overlays or captions in recorded videos to help build the story.

Why does the length of videos on social media differ so greatly?

The reason why they are so drastically different in time is due to each social network’s purpose for content. This is why we work with businesses to produce content that will reach their intended audience and meet the goals of the company.

Determining the right content for your audience takes time and a whole lot of effort. If the first round of content doesn’t work, then try, and try again. The best way to avoid much trial and error is by inviting your fans to suggest ideas of what they want to hear about.

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