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Social Media

You have a logo, new website, flyers, and brochures and you are now ready to introduce your company to the public … Now what? Don’t forget social media.
Social media often becomes an afterthought in an organization’s marketing mix. Unfortunately, this means social media creative content is often times too thin, unresponsive to customer conversations, and hinders the growth of customer loyalty.
Consumers trust companies who connect with them in genuine and captivating ways. Buy using social media you help your customers share their stories with their friends. According to Neilson 92% of percent of consumers say their favorite form of media is recommendations from friends and acquaintances.

Do you need help with your Social Media accounts?

CutBoard Studio can help! If you don’t already have your accounts set up, we can help create your social media networks on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. We can also set up additional accounts on LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube depending on the nature of your business.

Social Media creative includes:

Videos, Images, Infographics, Blogs … just to name a few.

Silver Bow Fly Shop: Social Videos

After spending a day on the Spokane River with the Silver Bow Crew filming for their commercial and long-format web video we found a great opportunity to develop some small social videos that they could share on multiple plattforms.

Social Videos

Are you wondering if social posts have an affect on your sales and marketing efforts? According to a survey recently done by Animoto 64% of consumers admit making a purchase after watching a Facebook video in the last month. The video trend is here to stay.

Learn More about video

Social Images

There are over many different social posts and ad types that your company can use. They all carry unique specifications and formats for images. CutBoard Studio can tailor your imagry to fit the different Facebook, Instagram, Twitter ad requirements.

Social Identity

Social media is one of the easiest ways to promote your company and get in front of people. CutBoard Studio works with you to develop your brands social identity. Creating new Profile Pictures & Cover Photos to the exact specifications for each of the social media platforms.

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