Social Media

Consumers trust companies who connect with them in genuine and captivating ways. By using social media you help your customers share their stories with their friends. According to Neilson 92% of percent of consumers say their favorite content is recommendations from friends and acquaintances.

Are you leverging social media, referals, testimonials, and reviews to their full extent?

Not all social media marketing is the same. Each has their own strengths and weaknesses. The content you create for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube needs to be customized for the channel.

Social Media creative includes:

Videos, Images, Infographics, Blogs … just to name a few.

The Budget Mom — YouTube Launch

A local Spokane Celebrity The Budget Mom was looking to take her successful Instagram and Blogging business into the YouTube arena. CutBoard worked with her to develop custom graphics for her channel as well as this introductory/feature video.
Kumiko had over 500 subscribers before her January 2019 YouTube launch, 9 months later the channel has 65,000! She is amazing!

Social Videos

According to a survey done by Animoto 64% of consumers admit making a purchase after watching a Facebook video in the last month. The video trend is here to stay.

Social Media Video Samples

Social Images

CutBoard Studio can tailor your imagry to fit the different Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pintrest and other ad requirements.

Social Identity

Social media is one of the best ways to promote your company. CutBoard Studio works with you to convey your brand personality to your audience.

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