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After multiple testing with Concorde Career College, we found that testimonial video tv commercials were one of the best performing from a lead generation aspect. With this sample we created a spot which was easily customizable for each market.

Why should you create testimonial videos?

Testimonial videos are very effective. If you arel looking to establish credibility and trust testimonial video production is one of the most powerful marketing tools.

What makes a good testimonial video?

We focus on the authenticity of the story and supporting our clients to get the best possible testimonial video interviews. We often use multiple cameras and get various angles. Plus, we use lots of quality “b-roll” so that the video footage will help tell a visual story to support the interview, to show the product, facility, or whatever is needed to make the video flow, be informative and entertaining.

Showing potential customers what you business does and is a great way to win new clients.

Testimonial videos are a way to let your customers do the talking for you.

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TV Commercial

30-second testimonial tv commercial created for Concorde Career College

Testimonial Lobby Video

Lobby Video created for Concorde Career College

Social Media Testimonial Video

This video was created for Concorde Career College to showcase one of their more well known students, American Idol contestant Frankee Razor.

Testimonial Video

This testimonial video was created for Rachel Nepean a real estate agent in Spokane.

Testimonial Social Video

Video created for Dawn Career Institute of their Campus President. This video is used socially and on their website.

Testimonial Web Video

This testimonial video created for Professional Skills Institute of one of their Students. They utilize these testimonials on the program pages of their website.

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