Video Killed the Radio Star

Video killed the radio star

In my mind and in my car, we can’t rewind we’ve gone too far

Pictures came and broke your heart

Put down the blame on VCR

–The Buggles

Has video killed the radio star? Is the internet destroying TV as we know it? Is social media holding a hostile takeover?

Are the creatives at CutBoard data junkies? Yes.

According to many studies, including those done by Nielson show that traditional broadcast media continues to have a large reach on its varied platforms.

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Neilson studies show that weekly 90% of Americans tune into radio, 87% of adults watch TV, and 89% of TV viewers utilize their smartphone while watching TV.

Want to know what the icing on the cake is? 26% of adults will actually look up a product or business from a TV commercial while watching TV.

What does that mean for your company? Broadcast media (radio commercials and TV commercials) are a great way to easily market to your audience.

Hold on a sec, did you know the cake has a filling as well?

Nielson shows an average of a $6 return for every $1 spent on radio advertising. That is an excellent return on investment.

Because we are data junkies (and self-confessed digital hoarders), we wanted to put this information to the test. What kind of impact could traditional media have on a local business in Spokane?

Most of our previous testing experience revolved around larger market areas like Portland, Denver, LA, Kansas City, Dallas, and Orlando. How would Spokane compare?

So in 2016, we partnered with Vintage Vines Wine Shop, a restaurant in Spokane Valley. We were curious to see if by updating their media presence would it lead to an increase in sales?

Long story short, it did.

Creating high quality video production

Ready for the long story? We are.

What would you say if your year-over-year sales increased by 22%? A good start, right?

We started by meeting with the owner of Vintage Vines. They walked us through the current marketing and what they felt could be helped.

One of the biggest overhauls was the website, as it was ready for a refresh and needed to include pictures of the menu items. And for a restaurant, it’s important to showcase the food.

So just to keep things simple here’s the list of what we provided:

  • Photoshoot (Video & Stills)
  • Website
  • TV Commercial
  • Radio Commercial

The website also included keyword research for the client and SEO optimization. We also hooked up Google Analytics, so tracking could be done. In a round-about way, the restaurant was feeding our need for data.

Data becomes a drug because once you start you can’t stop.

To garner the best coverage we partner with a local media buyer, Blue Sky Marketing. Blue Sky was able to take the limited budget and secure excellent media coverage for the entire week of testing. Overall, Vintage Vines was able to see a nice blend of media across these channels.

  • (12) 30-second tv commercials
  • (10) Station sponsored billboards
  • (33) 15-second radio ads

Check out the the work CutBoard produced, it has all the new photography images for the rebranding and you might recognize the voice-over talent of Spokane’s local afternoon host of HOT 96.9, Jessica Carson.

Updated Website TV Commercial Sample Radio Example

Let the data speak for itself. Cutboard is here to tell your story.





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