Using video in business

by Tanya Klumb

Strategy, Gin, and Myers-Briggs … oh, my!

When you find out that your personality is one of open-mindedness, determination, independence, confidence and strategic abilities. You realize you are capable of doing anything you set your mind to.

Then you get hit in the head with a club and find out that you also have a neurotic level of perfectionism and you try to apply it to other people.

Neurotic? (Synonyms are: sick, insane, upset, troubled, disturbed)


I may have a problem here. I guess that may be why all but my steadiest of friends hide under rocks. I’ll take it though. If you persist and enter my world, I don’t give up on our friendship easily.

Yeah, Aaron … thanks for injecting this Myers-Briggs Mayhem into March.

FYI, you’re stuck with me. No, rock hiding for you.

On that note, I’m ready to jump into March and leave this Mayhem behind. I’ve set my mind to improving your business.

And when I set my mind to something, I don’t give up on it.

Most businesses have three major areas: Time. Money. Relationships.

And it isn’t too hard to create these with the help of a content strategist … aka … Tanya, the crazy perfectionist that thrives on strategy and order.

“So, Tanya, how can you help my business create time, money and relationships? I’m guessing they don’t just appear out of thin air?”

One word.


Video is not just a marketing tool. It‘s a business tool.

We all could use a few extra tools in our life. And video is a powerful business tool.

What would you say to not ever having to answer the same questions over and over again? If you have been around many four-year-olds, you know what I'm getting at.

I’m supposed to love my nieces and nephews, right?

Imagine being able to craft a message that automates your answer to the typical questions from your customers on a daily basis. Video does this.

Same goes for boring training meetings. By applying video, you can use both audio and visuals to help with training your staff. Add in some custom designed worksheets, and you will cover everyone’s learning style.

Now, what are you going to do with all this extra time video has given you? Make more sales right?

I love sitting down with my clients … coffee, lunch, maybe even a drink over sushi.

Looking to befriend me? … I like Gin.

Ready to work on ways we can crush your problems and reach your dreams? Get in right now, I have a few openings to dedicate to building a Gin-level trust with you.

Get’em now before their gone! I'm serious.

But most business owners don't have enough time to set aside to build new relationships with every possible customer. So the best way to increase your sales is to use video.

There is something about videos. They create an instantaneous trust with people.

Fake need not apply. Video lets you speak to the core of your customer; you can build trust a connection.

Video comes in many different forms. But no doubt it will increase sales.

Isn’t it always easier to approach someone if you know a bit about them beforehand?

Video lets customers into your secret world. You can show them what makes you different, who you are and why you do it. You are authentic and wait for it … an actual real person. And guess what? You are entirely approachable.

There is a reason for having an owner in a tv or web commercial. As the owner, you are your business’s most genuine salesperson. Oh, and don’t worry if camera’s make you nervous we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeves.

Isn’t it always easier to meet someone for the second time? There is something about the familiarity of it. So when a customer comes in, they recognize you from your video, and instantly you are approachable.

How many second first connections would you like to make? I’m guessing a lot?

Video does this for businesses. It helps jump-start relationships. Video allows you to share your experiences, culture and speaks directly to the heart of your customers.

If you believe in you, customers will believe in you. And guess what you now have a loyal customer … for life.

Who knew video was this powerful?

This girl does.

If you could only run a business off of Gin and Sushi …

Yes, I’m ready to create more time, money and relationships with video.





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