Video Business Cards

by Tanya Klumb

The pitch.

Your palms are sweaty.

Your voice cracks, you’re nervous. But then you remember that you ARE the professional.

I bet you have been crafting and perfecting your elevator pitch over the years. Isn’t it always more effective when you can deliver it in person than over the phone or through an email?

You know why? It’s you.

We are all human and human connection is what drives us.

You’re a unique individual who can’t be put in a mold. Why would you want to use same tactics as everyone else?

So we want to help you take your personal pitch and make it available even when you can’t be. We can help you make the connections, making it personal. Almost like carving your first impression in stone.

You are the expert, the goto professional.

And if someone runs across your website or facebook page you want to make sure questions are answered. Your time to impress them, and most importantly close the sale.

Now I have a question for you.

Have you ever heard about video business cards?

You might be tempted to google it like we all do, and who knows you might have made it to this blog because you did google it.

Well, let me be first to tell you it’s not what you think it is. And to be truthful and honest I also googled it when I first heard about them.

I came across all these random companies producing video business cards that have small LCD screens built into them. That’s all good if you want to spend over $20 for 1 business card.

But if you go to networking events and you hand out 5 you’ve spent $100, ouch. Talk about adding up fast.

And guess what?

You still need to have a video to put on that video business card.

It can be amazing how many different types of videos are out there.

Branding videos, TV commercials, web videos, explainer videos, testimonial videos … the list keeps going and going. But video business cards have a specific purpose.

So let's take a step back to talk about what an actual video business card is. A good video business card answers the few initial questions your potential client or customer is looking to answer.

The initial questions are:

  • Who are you?
  • What do you do?
  • What makes you the expert?
  • How can you help them?
  • Why should they hire you?
VBC’s (Video Business Cards) are a video typically ninety seconds to three minutes long. And when done right they are perfect for your website, and social media.

If you are looking to build trust between you and your client, VBC’s are exactly what you need to develop. Long gone are the days of being a faceless business. You are your business’s biggest asset, the human connection … and that is why someone will hire you.

First impressions matter.

Video Business Cards Base Package: $750

One-Camera Interview

If you are prepared to give your pitch, and confortable at delivering it in one take, one-camera could work for you. We set aside 30-minutes to film you giving your pitch.


Filmed at our office studio inside the Historic Turner Mansion. It is conviently located off of Hamilton and Illinos just north of Avista and Gonzaga.


We have four background options for you to choose from: white, black, green, and blue. With a blue or green screen we can add a logo or image to the background of your interview with our logo/title add-on.

Lav Microphone

We honestly believe audio is the most important aspect of any interview, this is where you can tell when a video is professionally done.


In order to keep you looking your best, we will utilize our lighting kit to brighten you up.

90-Second Final Video

Your pitch, and final delivery will be a video which is no longer than 90-seconds. Delivered as a MP4, which is easy to upload on your website, YouTube page or Facebook account.

Tailor your video with these Add-ons

Build the perfect video business card by adding these additional features.

Additional Camera: $300

By adding in an additional camera when recording your interview we are able to cut out any awkward “umms”, making you sound great!

Shoot at Your Location: $500

We bring all the equipment to your location. This also gives you up to 1-hour on camera, and 1-hour of b-roll. B-roll is supplemental footage intercut with your interview.

Music: $50

Music in advertising can affect the way your customers or clients perceive the brand of your company, and can significantly effect the emotional response to commercials.

Hair & Makeup Artist: $200

Makeup (even for men) is used to correct the distortions caused by the camera lens and lights. Cameras can accentuate wrinkles, affect skin tone, and magnify skin flaws like scars and acne.

Headshot photo: $150

The quality and style of your headshot conveys a lot about you as a person and signals how you conduct business. It is important to have a recent photo for social media and press use.

Teleprompter: $100

For many people, the studio or being confronted by a camera, can bring out the nerves … resulting in the loss of thought. By using a teleprompter, you can assure your key messages are not forgotten.

Logo/Title Graphics: $200

Add this to your base package to reinforce your company’s brand and who you are. When recording your interview on green/blue screen we can add your logo behind you as if you are sitting right in front.

Double Length: $300

Do you have a complicated business, or something that is harder to explain. Double the length from 90-seconds up to 3-minutes long.

30-second video: $1000

Do you want to take your video business card and shape it into a 30-second sales pitch … one that you can easily run as a TV commercial? This addition will give you the most flexibility to your package.

Are you ready for your pitch? Let us help you craft it.





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