Video Marketing Strategy

by Tanya Klumb

There is usually only one thing that keeps company’s or businesses from creating videos. The first thing off the top of your head might be budget. Budget can be a factor. Although it’s typically the lack of a video strategy that holds up a business from creating videos.

Are you overwhelmed? Don’t know where to start? Then I recommend that you keep reading. I’ll discuss the optimum video strategy.

If video marketing isn’t a part of your content marketing strategy today, it soon will be if you want to remain competitive.

I could sit here and list a whole bunch of facts.

  • Customers are 72% likelier to buy a product when video is utilized (Wharton School of Business).
  • 59% of executives would rather watch a video than reading text (Forbes).
  • Currently, 72.5% of small businesses had at least one video produced in the last 12 months, (BIA/Kelsey’s LCM).
  • Enough.

    Stats can be fun. But the strategy we use to create videos for your business and your customer's journey is fun … times ten. /wink

    While working in both the agency and corporate worlds, we encountered executives talking about funnels often.

    Mmmm … funnel cake.

    Oh sorry, not cake. Funnels are used when you are talking about your customer’s journey to make a purchase.

    So why not apply funnels to videos and only videos?

    Yes, I would love to get into the wonders of the print world. How 100C Aubergine Classic Crest Stock would make a beautiful business card. And ultraviolet is the Pantone® color of the year … okay … okay, I’ll stop my drooling over printed material, for now.

    Back to videos and more specifically the optimum video funnel strategy system. Boy, that is a mouthful … of funnel cake of course!

    Attract, Nurture, Conversion, Retain and Reignite.

    Video Marketing Strategy Funnel
    Attract Videos: Traffic Videos, Brand Message Videos, Explainer Videos
    Nuturing Videos: Tip Videos, Beind-the-scenes Videos, How-to Videos
    Conversion Videos: Sales Videos, Client Success Videos
    Retaining Videos: Support Videos, Special Offer Videos
    Reignigte Videos: Success Story Videos, Ask Videos
    Take the first step in your video production strategy funnel. Creating the attract videos. These videos include traffic videos, brand message videos, and explainer videos.

    A traffic video’s job is to drive the customer to your website, landing page and sometimes even call. Yes, phones actually still do that.

    The video could be asking them to opt-in to your email marketing, sign up for consultation or making the sale. These typically are TV commercials or web commercials.

    Brand message videos are a great way for your customer or client to get to know your business. Typically these videos run about 3–4 minutes or less. If your business is service based, these can also be called a video business card. Imagine all the questions you answer when you first give your “elevator pitch”. Wouldn’t it be great if you had a video which answered all these questions? A brand message video can inform your customer know why you created your business. It can showcase what challenges you solve and the solutions you can provide.

    Does your business or company have many verticles or a hard to explain products? Utilizing an explainer video might be the right attract video. Explainer videos provide an overview of your product or service and the chance to address how they work. Perfect for a complex service or product. Explainer videos are known to help sales teams close more sales.

    Now on to the Nurturing Videos part of this funnel.

    You’ve got a customer interested. They may have liked your Facebook Page, signed-up for your email list or even talked with a salesperson. You still want to make sure your client is engaged.

    Nurturing videos include tip videos, behind-the-scenes videos, and how-to demonstration videos.

    So here’s a tip, always start with tips. Everyone loves tips … even when they aren’t green ones. Think about what your customer might like to know. What are they searching for? A tip video could address an unique challenge they are facing. Establishing you as the expert in the field.

    We love sharing behind-the-scenes videos. They are like when Dorthy pulls back the curtain to reveal Oz in the Wizard of Oz. Behind-the-scenes videos give you the opportunity to build a level of trust.

    The last type of nurturing video is the how-to or demonstration video. These videos provide your customer a valuable skill on how to do something.

    Following this video funnel process, you have now attracted and nurtured your customer. The next stage is crucial to your success. The conversion.

    Conversion videos are the standard finish line. The goal of every business or company: the sale.

    So what are conversion videos? How do they fit into this video strategy funnel? Can I eat the funnel cake yet?

    The first type is your standard sales video. A sales video is made to take the customer across the finish line. These can be the next best thing to having an in-person sales team. This video can live on your website and could be an opt-in video, acquiring the prospect’s email or getting them to sign up for a webinar. Once you enroll a customer in a freebie offer, you are one step away from the paid one.

    When you go looking to hire an attorney, lawyer or a really good place to eat, what do you do? Ask a friend? Read reviews? This is why the second type of conversion videos is a client success video.

    Client success videos tell the story of a typical customer. Your future customer may be on the fence about buying the product or spending money on your service. Seeing the success of someone else may be enough to convince them to make the leap.

    Now you have built up a level of trust with your customer. I think this is like powdered sugar on your funnel cake. It has to be there, or it’s just a french-fried pancake.

    By this point in your video marketing strategy, you have now acquired great prospects and even better customers. You are seeing success while building your company or businesses bottom line.

    Yep, I’m talking about sales.

    Great! We do love sales. But, don’t forget sales isn’t the finish line. What if I could tell you that with two more steps in the funnel you could take those sales and garner more? Even score you some strawberries on your funnel cake …

    This is where the last two parts of the video marketing strategy come in. Retaining and Reigniting.

    Retaining videos include videos you produce for your existing clients and customers. These videos are like those in the nurturing stage.

    The first type is support videos. These videos show your customer how to use your product or service to maximize results. They even include tips and tricks that can help them succeed or get more from the product. These videos let your customer know that you are still there for them, even after the sale.

    The second type is great for businesses and companies which offer many products. Special offer videos are a chance to showcase discounts, sales, and promotions to your existing clients. Everyone loves a good deal, right?

    So, you have been retaining your client and even made a few extra sales.

    Time to take it to the next level is to reignite your customer or client with reigniting videos. These include success story videos and ask videos.

    Share success story videos with other clients. Remind them what is possible when they are utilizing your product or services. Get them excited!

    The last video I’m going to talk about is the ask video. This video helps re-engage customers or clients who may have become inactive or lukewarm. Ask videos invite your client to ask questions or give their input. Isn’t it always nice when someone asks you questions?

    What are you waiting for? Yes, video takes a lot of upfront energy to be successful. By working with an experienced video team we can help you put the right strategy in place. This strategy will help you increase your brand’s recognition, boost your profits and establish you as the expert in your field.

    The question isn’t whether to start video marketing; the question is when. Because without video, you will quickly fall behind your competitors.

    P.S. Don’t leave that funnel cake waiting!

    P.P.S. If you made it this far, check out this Jim Gaffigan clip about cake.

    Question to ask yourself:
    If we were talking this time next year, what would need to have happenend for you to feel video was successful?





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