Editing a Video

by Tanya Klumb

Video editing can be an overwhelming task. Why not hire someone who can give time back to you? This way you can focus on other parts of your business. Hiring CutBoard Studio will be the best decision you make. We take the time to meet with you and create a showpiece for your business or for your daily needs.

The video editing professionals at CutBoard are up-to-date with current technology. It may be easy to record a video but putting it together with music and transitions may be hard. We work with companies to understand the intentions of the video and cater it towards that use. Is it for social media? Or for your website? Whatever the case, we make sure that video is the right length and information for your target market.

What Makes CutBoard Studio Video Production the Best in Spokane?


The average cost for video production in Spokane is $685. CutBoard Studio’s video production and video editing cost averages between $90 and $220 per hour. We do not upcharge for outside services. This includes all voice-over, actors, and music/graphic licensing.

We know that every project is different, like your business. Each has different parameters, requirements, and content. Videos vary in length, complexity, size, and style. We price projects at a competitive rate. Generally, we are lower than other production studios in Spokane. We work hard for every dollar. It is our belief that each video project is an investment for our clients, and because of this, it is an investment to us.

The average of our client’s projects are between $3,000 and $10,000. We always recommend two cameras; having two angles makes it more dynamic by creating options in the editing phase. This is included in all our filming quotes unless otherwise noted.

Most importantly, look at the quality of work versus the dollar amount; too many times we have had clients come to us to fix what other providers have done ... it’s always better to get it right the first time. And cheaper too!

We are willing to work with every client to find a comfortable rate that enables us to do the work that you may need.


CutBoard Studio can handle every aspect of a video project from start to finish. This includes concept development, script writing, voice-over, filming, lighting, audio, editing, and post-production. Contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation.

CutBoard’s 9-Step Video Production Method

1. Consultation

Our consultation meetings are oriented around your needs. This isn’t a generalized or “one size fits all” video production studio. We offer an individualized and precise method of creating marketing content.

2. Research

After our consultation with you and your team, we begin our research phase. We read. We search. We dig deep. Finding out everything we can about your company and then look to see what your competition is doing.

3. Presentation

Video production can be a daunting task. This is why we developed an interactive storyboard system. These storyboards contain the script with shot ideas with links to video clips, music, and voice-over talent options.

4. Project Management

Scheduling, organizing, and planning are a given. What sets us apart is that we are available at any hour, day, night, even weekends. Because we are located in Spokane we can even swing by to answer questions … as long as there’s coffee of course.

5. Execution

It’s filming day! We take the stress out of this step. Our planning phases break down this day into bite sized chunks. We carry our shot list and check off as we go. If we are filming an interview, we even carry a checklist of questions & answers. Nothing is ever missed.

6. Reviewing

After filming we bring it all back to the studio. This is where we start to put the puzzle together. We chop down the footage into bite sized bits that match the storyboard and then place them together with the voice-over from the script and the music. Then you get to view it for the first time.

7. Polishing

This is where we take your video and make it great. We work on color adjustment, image stabilization and other “post-production” tasks. Finally, adding in graphics, text and your company’s logo.

8. Approval

No surprises here! By the time the video is ready for your final approval it has gone through our internal checklist and ready to bring value to your marketing efforts.

9. Delivery

Depending on the goals of your video we have many ways to deliver the final marketing video. This could be via hard drive, cloud drive, or directly to TV stations. We can even negotiate with the TV stations on your behalf to place the media at a reduced cost.


One thing we pride ourselves on is our partnerships.

We have made a promise to ourselves and our clients that we won’t force you down a road you don’t belong on. We want to sit down with you and find out what your problems are, the pain points and how we can help fix them.

Some production companies try to skirt the cost of voice over by recording their own staff. This makes all their clients sound the same. And if someone quits or gets laid off, your company gets a new voice. That isn’t great for any client and creates problems with your brand.

We excel with videography, editing, and design. Are we actors? No. Directors? Yes. Which is why with our partnerships we will help you find the right partner.


We do not charge location or mileage fees for filming in the greater Spokane or Coeur d’Alene Area. The current standard mileage rate is $0.535 per mile. For locations outside of Spokane or Coeur d’Alene, we measure the distance using google maps starting and ending at our Spokane Studio. For video shoots beyond a reasonable driving distance, contact us to work out accommodations.

CutBoard’s Top 6 Cost Saving Strategies

Clear Vision

Through CutBoard Studio’s consultation process. We help you develop a clear vision of your end product. Ultimately, reducing the time spent shooting and editing.

Reduce Filming

The more original video footage to be edited, the higher the cost. Watching and organizing all the footage takes time and the trained eye of a video production professional.


The longer the finished product, the higher the final cost will be. Color adjustment, image stabilization and other “post-production” tasks take time.


Eliminate on-screen actors. The current rate for a 30-second television on-screen spokesperson talent in Spokane runs about $250–350 an hour, or $1,200 for a full day. Utilizing a voice-over talent can be a way to reduce costs and maximize your profit margin.


Our media buyer that can get your commercial on every station in Spokane like KHQ, KXLY, KREM, FOX28 and even cable channels. Package deals through the local TV stations may seem like a great deal until you realize you don’t own the rights. Because of this, you can’t test the performance of the commercial on another channel.


We keep the source files on hand, you will never start from scratch. If you need to change a date or alter an image or clip we can make that change quickly and get the new version out for your website or to the stations. How easy is that?

We’d love to talk with you about your project. If you’re ready … let’s chat.





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